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Baby Boomer Generation and Internet Marketing Training

Sep 1st 2010 at 7:37 PM

It seems to me that the tag "Baby Boomer" should be it's own oxymoron. I also believe that Internet Marketing Training is probably one of the most misunderstood statements thrown around the web. The men and women of my generation are as far from "baby" as you can get, and still be above ground.

Our generation comes with both a world of experience, and a complete ignorance of the virtual world we now live in. We are the baby boomer generation who went through our learning years without calculators, beepers, cell phones, computers, ipods, PDA's, iphones and whatever device that came on the market after 1975.

How did we ever survive?

Well, we did it by relying on our own resources. We created what we needed, we worked and studied and learned, and then we worked some more, and then if it wasn't working as well as we liked, we dug in and worked harder.

Now, with the great majority of us in the shadow of retirement, we look for ways that will carry us through our "golden years". The financial turmoil of the past several years has forced a great percentage of the baby boomer generation to re-evaluate their retirement plans. Thoughts of working part time in a big box store or a fast food establishment to supplement our now reduced assets and retirement income, has driven many of us to look at the internet, and often in an unprepared panic.

We are turning to Internet Marketing to seek our missing retirement income. This is where I say IM is a misunderstood statement. IM should be completely replaced with Internet Business. It is, in every way and form, a BUSINESS. When the members of the baby boomer generation learn and embrace this concept, they will have the ability to learn and earn through this amazing media.

With this realization that you are about to enter a business, it is now that you must take the time to develop the skill sets necessary to be successful. Keep in mind that this is a career change, that it will require a certain amount of work and planning. You must do this yourself, no one is going to give you a package solution. Do not be seduced with all the latest and greatest systems that are touted non stop on the internet marketing circus. These so-called systems, blueprints, webinars, formulas, etc, etc, that promise you the world and only take your money, are exactly what they appear to be, worthless.

The good news for the baby boomer generation is that the resources that you need and that are necessary for you to build a successful Internet Business are readily available to everyone, and most often these tools and information are free for the asking.

The Internet Marketing Training that you seek must come from YOU, but you are not alone, there are many who will guide and help you, some will mentor you for the sheer pleasure of being a mentor, this I know for fact.

If you need some guidance in where to start, just drop me an email, I will point you in the right direction. Sorry that I won't sell you anything, I don't have anything to sell, it's not what I do. You can always find me on IMfaceplate, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and a few other places around the web, you are going to need to be in these places also, its part of the business.

Remember, YOU can do it, we always have. Rich McKelvey.





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