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I am looking to network with some really good people. What I really need are people to mastermind with, to help me expand on what I am already doing, or even tell me I need to move in another direction; and finally, to add to my own ever-increasing knowledge of IM.

I also enjoy installing php-based web site scripts; should anyone need any help with script installations, contact me with your particular situation, and we can discuss what I can do for you.

Well, that does it for my interests right now; if I can think of anymore, I will most certainly be adding here :)
Dave W Earle | DavidWEarle

Autoblogging: Consider These Points First

Oct 9th 2010 at 9:52 AM


I had been considering acquiring the Auto Blog Samauri software, as I have multiple blogs which need to be kept updated, so I decided to write this short article piece about auto-blogging in general.


First and foremost, I have found there is no such thing as "complete automation" when it comes to auto-blogging. I have some auto-posting plugins on my blogs right now, but I am constantly checking on the quality of the posts, even clicking on the links in the posts if there are any, just to make sure the links are pointing to more quality content. You cannot leave your blogs totally to chance in my opinion, no matter what the autoblog  Guru's are saying; whenever I get auto-posted content, I have it set so that the posts are held for moderation - I have seen some posts that looked as though they were drafted by a two-year-old, and this is something I DEFINITELY wouldn't want to have automatically posted.


A good plugin to use, if you don't want to shell out the $77 for ABS, is WPUnique: this isn't an "auto-posting" plugin, however, what it does do is make your posts appear unique to the search engines, even Google. In less than a week after I started using it, one of my blogs moved from total obscurity, to the top of the second page of Google for the keyphrase I was targeting.


WPUnique also gives you the ability to turn the keywords in your posts into "cash links" - that is, you can make those links point to any one of the affiliate programs you are promoting, by specifying which keywords in the post you want to point to your aff pages.


There are many more features of both plugins, but before I get too far from my main point of auto-blogging, though, ANY software you choose to use for auto-blogging cannot simply be left alone forever and all time - at least not in the initial stages of using it. I would suggest studying the types of posts the software is adding to your blog, based on the keywords you have chosen to target for the posts; one of the first things I personally look for is the number of links in the posts, and in particular, where those links are located within the post. If I see a link embedded in the "top fold" of the post, I move it down. Search engines definitely don't like it if it is blatantly obvious that your main purpose is just to promote your aff links, and make money! (LOL, I swear sometimes they are making the SE algorythyms so smart, it's almost like web sites are being reviewed by real humans!)


In conclusion, and as far as working with the SE's, I like the old adage "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"; it is becoming increasingly difficult to "beat 'em" (the search engines), so perhaps giving them what they want (what appears to be quality, relevant content) would be more beneficial than not, and this is why it is vitally important to do "quick checks" on your auto-blogging content: if I review an automatic post and have to make too many corrections for grammar and such, I will usually trash the post altogether. It's really alright if you go a couple of days or a week between your posts, especially if the posts you do approve actually make sense to you, which means they will also make sense to your readers and keep them engaged.


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