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Auto Responders

Jan 4th 2011 at 11:11 PM

You probably have heard of these but you may know nothing about them. There are many different kinds and styles of Auto Responders (AR) out there. But, they all have 1thing in common; they email people automatically for you.

They have many different uses such as newsletters for clubs and businesses and many other uses for people that need to email a group of people on either a regular basis or when they need to. Most are either “Opt-in” or “Double Opt-in”. Opt-in means that the person being sent the email has agreed to receive your information (email) for further information on something. In our case, on a home business income opportunity.

Double Opt-in, is when the person has ‘Opted in’ to receive the information and, they are sent an email by your AR, automatically, asking if they did indeed want to receive the information which they must respond to, to receive the information. For advertisers, Double Opt-in is much less responsive and will produce far fewer results and are redundant. But, for contacting nearly 100% of your affiliates by email every time, it is wonderful.

You can easily do this your self with most any AR. There is a big variance in different AR’s effectiveness as well. By that I mean their deliverability rate of the email. Here are some examples.

A ‘double Opt-in only’ AR is likely to reach nearly 100% of the intended recipients, every time. There is virtually no chance of any spam complaints and all the major ISP’s (AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) have no problem with them, and your email will be delivered most every time. There are other factors for email deliverability too.

A single Opt-in AR can have a high deliverability rate (70%-95%) depending on a few different factors. The bad news is that many or most have a poor at best deliverability rate (a very low percentage of emails reach the recipient). An Auto-Responder that claims that you can load an unlimited amount of leads into it, and has few or no restrictions on the validity of the leads that can be loaded into it, will barely reach any of the intended recipients dispite their claims.

The reason is (briefly), the major ISP’s (AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) have a button in there email client that says “Spam”. Folks use this button to stop receiving email from someone; whether they have asked to receive it in the past or not. People think that they are just stopping the email from being delivered. But in fact they are logging a complaint with the ISP of the sender of the email.

This will affect all ISP’s within just a few weeks. If a major ISP is blocking emails from a certain domain (like, with your email address listed as the sender) most smaller ISP’s (like maybe yours) will immediately follow suit so your email will be actually received by very few people, and if it is it will probably be sent to a bulk or spam email folder – not good.

The best AR’s, with the best delivery rates, either limit the amount of Opt-in leads that can be loaded into it so it can be monitored more easily OR they restrict you from loading leads from any source and the criteria for the quality of the lead must be met or it cannot be used. Setting up most AR’s require initial set-up, set up when and how often they will receive the emails, you must set up where you want responses to your emails sent to, your full postal address, and a removal link to be spam compliant, and you load emails into it for the recipients to receive.

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Jan 5th 2011 at 8:57 AM by zzoltan
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