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August's edition of E- Light- the Crystal Herbs Newsletter

Jul 31st 2010 at 1:29 PM

August's edition of E- Light- the Crystal Herbs Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to August's edition of E-Light - the Crystal Herbs Newsletter.

Transformational Energies

We look forward to August each year as being that magical month that is most associated
with sunshine, summer holidays and a break from routine, be that school or work. It is the
month of the year in which the strength of the sun seems to reach the height of its powers
here, encouraging everything in nature to reach the peak of its maturity ahead of the
approaching autumn.This is particularly noticeable now as July slips into August. Crops
are standing ready to harvest in the fields and the intense green of the trees and
hedgerows that was so vibrant in early summer has now become the richer dark green of late

August Energetics

However, while many of us may be wishing for a relaxing break from the intensity of the
energies that we have all experienced during July, there actually seems little real chance
of this as we look forward into August. In fact if anything the pressure for change looks
set to intensify even more as we come under the fiery influence of the constellation of
Leo. Esoterically the energy of Leo represents ‘the light of the soul’ and embodies the
universal principles of Love & Freedom. Leo is associated with the sun and we can perhaps
recognise some of the challenges we face under the influence of Leo by looking at the
effect the sun has on our lives.

The power and light of the sun is vital to our life and existence. It is also a very
dominant influence and can appear to make everything else in the heavens around it pale
into insignificance when it is shining forth in all its glory. However, when we observe
the sun from a cosmic perspective we recognise that it fits within a much larger pattern
of creation where its contribution is equal with that of other powerful forces. Thus the
personality influenced by Leo must balance the tendency to overly enjoy its independence
and attachment to power, with the need to allow the light of the soul to show it the
bigger picture of its contribution to life.

For all of us this is a very fine balance, as we must first achieve independence at a
personality level before we can embody the light of our soul and refocus on the greater
picture of group contribution. We can therefore expect the energies this month to
highlight those aspects of ourselves that need rebalancing in order to strengthen the
relationship between personality and soul as well as showing us new ways in which we can
contribute our gifts and talents to support the higher group picture.

A potent planetary alignment

Alongside the energy of Leo, the T-square formed between Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto this
month, will also have a very significant influence on us. The forces held within this
,jupiter, saturn alignment will ensure that we have to focus on clearing up any unfinished business that
prevents our spiritual growth and unfoldment, either at a planetary or individual level.
We will particularly feel this as an emphasis on realigning relationships and on releasing
and transforming outmoded structures and behaviours. This is a very insistent energy that
we will not be able to avoid and has the potential to create both inner and outer
conflict, especially when mixed with the fiery influence of Leo energy. It will therefore
be especially important this month to recognise when you have become stuck in the
perspective of the ‘little I’ or personality self and to allow conflicts to be resolved by
seeking the perspective of your greater self that can offer you the wisdom necessary to
resolve the situation for the highest good of all.

The pressure for change

At a planetary level over the last few months we have received huge downloads of powerful
light and high frequency energies, all of which have been anchored into the new energy
grids that are being created as a foundation for a new reality here on earth. It is really
important that we recognise that this will put pressure on anything that does not resonate
with this energy to change both at an individual and planetary level. With perfect
synchronicity the planetary alignments this month will increase that pressure and ensure
that this much-needed change takes place. However as a result we may find ourselves
experiencing a somewhat chaotic period of conflict and change in which it appears as
though everything we are familiar with is crumbling and falling apart. It is important
that we see this as a necessary process of change and remember to stay aligned with our
own inner truth and light so that we can continue to make a positive contribution to the
higher plan of freedom and love for all. This will also ensure that we can flow through
any changes we need to make personally with relative easy and grace.

Essence suggestions for August

It seems to us that what we will most all need this month is a well developed spirit of
cooperation and the ability to see the higher perspective of any challenging situations
that we may face. For this reason we would like to start with a focus on the Male Essence
(Divine Harmony Essences) because we feel that it might be a very helpful combination for
many this month. This is a wonderful combination to help resolve those difficult feelings
of separation and consequent tendency towards being overly independent that are brought
forward by the energy of Leo. It will help to bring balance to those very male energies
and encourage greater awareness of the need to open to the promptings of the soul through
the heart. It will also help those who would like support to dissolve the personality need
to be right and adjust difficult attitudes towards authority figures, both issues that are
important in a month that carries conflict potential. Some people might also find Freedom
(Inner Child Essences), Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences), Forgiveness or Inner Freedom
(Divine Harmony Essences) helpful to work with related issues this month.

It seems likely that any old relationship issues that we have that are still unresolved
will also come into focus this month for a final clearance, so here are a few suggestions
for essences that might help you make the most of this opportunity. Either a Healing
Relationships, Healing Family or Loving Communications (Divine Harmony Essences) might be
exactly the essence you need to support you this month. Other possibilities might be a
Letting Go (Divine Harmony Essences) or Release (Inner Child Essences).

Most of us do not find times of great change easy to deal with at a personality level and
fear is often the number one emotion triggered off at these times. It will therefore be
especially important this month that we stay positive & connected and do not allow
ourselves to fall into fear, no matter what might appear to be happening in our outer
world. The best way that we can do this is by facing up to any fears that are triggered
off and let them come fully into awareness for release and resolution. We always find
essences like Inner Calm (Divine Harmony Essences) or Courage (Inner Child Essences)
wonderful to support this process. We can also thoroughly recommend either Revival Remedy
Spray or our new Strength & Courage Spray to cut through any vibrations of fear and
quickly return you to a more balanced space. (Revival Remedy is our new name for Emergency
Essence; find out more about this here)

New Essence Sprays

Our new and exciting range of essence combination sprays; Pure Vibrations will be
available for the first time this month. We have had great fun creating and trying out
these sprays and will be discussing them in more detail in future editions of Elight. As
we have used them we have found them to provide a very quick and immediate way of keeping
ourselves in a state of positive vibrational alignment and we look forward to receiving
your feedback and comments as you try them for yourselves. We can particularly recommend
the new Positive Vibrations Spray as a general support for all this month. It will quickly
release any unwanted negative energy from your auric field and from your living or
work-space, leaving you surrounded by uplifting, positive vibrations. Find out more here.

Current Special Offers

We have a range of essences on special offer this month, including: Awakening the Heart,
Positive Vibrations, Heart Chakra, Male Essence, Angel of Abundance, Integrating Spirit
Set and a Chakra Essence Set - all at 20% discount. Find out more here -

Latest News

Pure Vibrations Spray Collection - See above or here for more information:-

Well that's it from us, it just remains for us to wish you a month of positive change and
transformation and to send you all much love with the reminder to contact us if you need
further help or support on your journey.

With Peace & Love, Nina

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