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Network marketing entrepreneur, rancher, homemaker, quilter and love to meet new friends. I like to watch movies, spend time enjoying the outdoors, horsebackriding, gardening and family. I\\\'m currently working with a team of highly successful entrepreneurs, We offer a duplicable system called \\\"The Ultimate Success System\\\" which will get you onto the first page of Google for your opportunity, product or service. We are NumisNetwork marketing reps. We collect coins and make money while we are working our businesses. Contact me today for more information!
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Attraction Marketing, Fact Or Fiction?

Aug 29th 2010 at 8:35 PM
Is there a secret to become successful online? Have you ever contemplated this? I found myself wondering this several times. You know I've been motivated in everything I do. I've always spent the time to search out answers, look for the wisdom behind my actions, and want to do things right the first time. I look at all the other advertising being posted on the Internet. I follow some links given and try to see if their methods actually work. As of yet I haven't found anything that struck me as impressive. During this search for the ultimate way of doing things, I found myself checking out two Internet programs that claim to attract people looking for answers. People like me. But still, I wondered if I wanted to go back and promote another person’s program, and not my Primary Business. I didn't know how exactly this all worked. This attraction method was hard to get my brain around. Let’s see, I promote your program and that helps me build my Primary Opportunity. And no, because I had already done that. I spent most of my time advertising the other program. The program had been to get the word out about my Primary Business. As a result, I didn’t sign up one person with my Primary Opportunity. I feel one reason it didn’t work was because people are so skeptical. Without documented success, a person will find it hard to believe anyone about an attraction marketing program unless it has worked for them. Again I had no real person to help me in real time. Fast-forward to just the other day. I was working on my cold calls as usual. I had always come back to cold calling because it had been proven the easiest and fastest way to build a business. From all the ways I had tried before, it had been the most successful to this point. It also presented an absolute monumental problem, duplication. It is very difficult for the average person to duplicate what I do. Best case senario, I would have to find another person like me. I had to find another me or risk doing all the work myself. I had to be able to duplicate. Having found this information I would continue to look for the duplication method that would help not just me but everyone. I would not just stop working my business and pray someone would just fall in line. Others did have the same problem with duplicating themselves I knew. We all have strengths and weaknesses that are different. The majority of us do not like talking to a large group of people. People aren't comfortable speaking with people they don't already know in some cases. The twelfth call I made that day I came across a guy. He really impressed me with the way he was handling my call. You know, I love people and I’m not afraid to call and start up a conversation about just anything. I know I call anyone up and just start talking, even if they are not in a good mood. This guy was different and made an impression on the way I think. Kenneth is his name by the way. He and his wife, Lisa, are Success Coaches. I found out his name was Kenneth, and along with his wife Lisa, they were MLM Success Coaches and were just beginning a new team. It’s not unusual to find someone doing this same thing, I’d seen it before. Although this seemed a little different to me, very different. I noticed a big difference because he spoke of ways to attract people I had never heard of before. I talked and he listened. Then he asked me a few questions about what I was talking about then established what I needed in a question form. He told me how to fix my problem with duplication by asking me another question. I found the conversation was very easy to have. He wasn’t pushy. He was more like, pulley. That’s the only way I can describe it. He was using Attraction Marketing while he was talking to me. You do know, I CALLED HIM? This was beginning to excite me even more! It felt like my call to Kenneth was going on and on. I actually drained two phone batteries on this one conversation. After the 1st battery died, I looked at the phone kind of funny and was thinking it must have been half used already before I started my call. When the second one went down I realized we had been talking for quite some time. I did tell you he wasn't pushy and he was kind of pulley. You see, Kenneth never mentioned what he actually did in their Internet Marketing business. Several times I asked him. What Primary Opportunity he was working never came up during our conversation, I had to ask him over and over. The times I started asking about his Opportunity, he would always answer me with a questions, which made me understand the business even more. To fully explain this situation, he did not answer my questions, but I was OK with it. He absolutely did not attempt NOT to answer them either. It was a learning process, he was allowing me to figure out the answers by the questions he was asking. He kind of LEAD me to the answers rather than just tell me the answers. This was all new to me, I had never seen this done before! He was teaching me something I find refreshing and something very new to me. I don’t usually find that when I call a cold lead. I had experienced what I had been looking for. I knew this was it and I wanted to know more. I had to keep asking about their success system because I knew it would help me succeed. I knew it because I had just experienced it. After draining two phone batteries and now moving on to the third, I asked again about his System and Primary Opportunity. This time I received a very direct answer. He explained MSC University's Ultimate Success System to me. It was Founded and Created by them and other Success Coaches. is its name. I asked him why it took so long for him to tell me about it. His reply was another learning tool. He said that I was not mentally ready for the answer. He was right. In the end, I find this whole episode with him is part of the training system. Their method, Believe, Learn, Practice, Teach, is what they use at MLMSuccessCoaches.
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