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Attraction Marketing By Another Name

Jun 9th 2012 at 7:15 AM

I was reading a book that I had purchased a few years ago by Brian Tracy. He is the
author of Advanced Selling Strategies and Maximum Achievement among others. Here is what Brian Tracy states in Advance Selling Strategies as one of the Seven Mental Laws of Selling.

“The Law of Attraction, the sixth law, affects every part of your selling and helps determine your sales success and your income.”

Also says,”broadcast a form of positive mental energy that attracts back to you an endless chain of leads, prospects, referrals, and sales opportunities.”

These are the words of a successful author, who has made millions in the direct sales industry. Can anyone in their right mind with two cents in their pocket have anything against what Mr. Tracy said?

Every Wednesday and Saturday Paul Williams conducts a webinar in which he talks about how to brand yourself using the Ibo Tool Box blogging system.

This blogging system is designed to draw attention to the author of the content in the blog. This is called attraction marketing.

It works like this. As an Ibo member blogs, he will get exposure through the search engine. That exposure will eventually attract interested prospects who will visit the Ibo members profile and become a lead.

This market method was not just thought of since Magnetic Sponsoring, ProElite and My Leads System Pro just to name a few. But this has been around since Amway, Shaklee and Fuller Brsh when people placed ads in local papers and business magazines to generate leads. The internet has just made it more affordable and open to everyone. Like a democracy.

Attraction is a natural human instinct that occurs without us thinking about it in the majority of our daily activities. Direct sales, marketing and network marketing companies effectively target this instinct by drawing our attention to things we desire or fear.

For instance network marketing companies attract new reps by highlighting leadership experience, product and compensation plan. Over the last two decades network marketing companies started integrating marketing systems in to the opportunities to attract people with less than effective sales skills. As a result people refuse to pick up the phone and spam their links every where possible hoping for a lead.

Another successful sales man and author, Jeffery Getomer said the following in his book Little Red Book of Selling, who also teaches attraction although he does not use that term.

While describing the difference between failure and success in salespeople he said,” Become known as a resource, not a salesperson. Your value is linked to your knowledge and willingness to help others.”

Does anyone else know a better way to attract people to them this?

Irregardless of how effective one might think attraction marketing is or isn’t, if you are a network marketing or involved in any direct sales activity, you’re involved in attraction marketing. The issue here is how much of it are going to learn.

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Jul 4th 2013 at 9:58 PM by LonnieG
Thank you for sharing your insights, Jones. I agree that being considered as a valuable resource is an excellent way to attract people to you. ~L

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