ATHLETIC GREENS - Scam or Legit | http://www.hits4slim.com/athletic-greens.html

Nov 7th 2015 at 1:44 AM

Thanks for your honest comments and bringing this to our attention. One thing I’ve learned the hard way over the years: Free trials are a lot of things but never free.

Good luck in your search. You may want to check out some of the other top-reviewed products on this site.

Check out Venus factor. Their website has a video with a similar story as the video for green athletics tells in their video. It’s questionable.


Thanks!!! You did not waste your time posting: you just saved me the heartache, time, and $$$!!! Thanks again, and best of luck!


IMHO if a company had a product that did everything they say it would then they would not have to make you commit to auto ship and all the other shenanigans they pull. If it worked as advertized they wouldnt have to, we would buy again and again for just about any price.


Thank you for your comment. I agree. Forced auto-ship is not only unnecessary but it makes a company vulnerable and increases liability. See my response to Patrick Hunter for more info about this.


$97 a month is insanely pricey for what looks like a smoothie. I’m all for trying to shed some pounds but I can’t see paying nearly $1,200 a year to do it (actually more when you add in the S&H fees).


At that price it should also have fountain of youth properties. My gray hair should start turning black again and my skin will return to infant perfect smoothness.

Athletic Greens

Well, finally! Someone mentions weight loss. That is the main reason I took the trial offer. The advertisement said it also helps one lose weight. Is there anyone who used Athletic Greens and actually lost weight? The health benefits are great… but I was hoping to shed a few pounds too.


Thanks for your comments. Any good quality green drink can be a very helpful weight loss tool. First of all, dark-green vegetables, algae and grasses are nutrient-dense. They provide nutrition to the cells and the cells in turn provide us energy. Secondly, using a quality green drink as a meal replacement will help reduce caloric intake which will also help to achieve weight-loss -and healthy weight loss at that.


Too expensive! Prefer buying spiraling + vegetables, blend them together and drink! (Probably is even better this way!)



Thanks for the input. I “almost” purchased the product. I agree about the “have to do” automatic delivery. Never like being pushed into something I haven’t been able to try and review before purchasing again. And $97, that’s steep. I know there’s lots of alternative Green products out there. I’ll have to keep searching. If anyone has some suggestions for other Green products (even touch-ups to make them taste decent,lol), I’d really appreciate it. I’m 49, (female), 20lbs overweight, ex-body builder and hating the stomach fat issue :( Thanks again!

ATHLETIC GREENS - Scam or Legit | http://www.hits4slim.com/athletic-greens.html
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