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Article Marketing Tips That Will Set Your Sales on Fire

Oct 3rd 2010 at 5:49 PM

Marketing articles has rapidly become a popular and very successful method of marketing, and a fabulous way to boost sales in nearly all industries. Most articles on marketing mention article marketing as one of the most underutilized, free techniques available for driving traffic to your website. In order to be successful, you have to have a system that is a proven. The primary goal of your article marketing strategy is to will effectively drive traffic to your website. Other benefits include:


· It’s Free

· Builds Rapport Among Prospects

· Automatic Back-linking

· Positive SEO Effect

· Brands You as an Expert in Your Field

· Increases Credibility


Articles can open doors that you never even dreamed of! Imagine being contacted to speak at a prestigious event, simply because someone read an article that you created relative to you field of expertise. The results can be astounding….IF the proper techniques are utilized.

What if you could pre-sell products to potential customers? We both know that most people don’t like “to be sold to” right away. It’s like begging for money on the corner. If you ask for the sale too quickly, you run the risk of running your customer away. Customers want to inadvertently get to know about you and your products or services, BEFORE they buy. They want to know that they are buying from someone who is knowledgeable about the industry, and about their needs. They want you to educate them on why this product is more suitable for their particular situation than other products. You can accomplish this by writing and distributing articles.

But wait! It’s not as simple as merely creating an article that contains 300-600 words. You must know how to create titles that will capture your reader’s attention, how and where to incorporate keywords, the best places to submit your articles, how to avoid being slapped by search engines for duplicate content, and how to do as little as possible and still achieve maximum results.

All of these things are possible; the hardest part is finding a resource that provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform the tasks and achieve massive results. Several books have been written on the subject matter, but many of them are outdated. We live in a word of rapid depreciation; cars, computers, software; you name it! Information is a form of matter that is neither created nor destroyed…..yet discovered. And new discoveries on how to make things better, stronger, and faster are realized each and every day. Well, the same convention applies to article marketing. New rules have evolved.

If you are looking for resource that will provide advanced methods for veterans, as well as step by step instructions for those in need of article marketing 101, then I suggest that you click the following link and check out,


The New Rules of Article Marketing.”


It is a resource that you will be able to utilize for years to come. Just like some of the old rules still remain true, the new rules will remain because they are based fundamentals that make up the core of the world wide web.


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Oct 9th 2010 at 1:35 PM by catherinedwhite
Article marketing is definitely an under utilized tool. I think Imfaceplace realized this and has made it part of their main frame for marketing yourself. This is probably my favorite place to post a new article. Great info, thanks for your perspective.

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