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Article marketing- tips and tricks Part 1

Aug 2nd 2011 at 5:05 AM

Article marketing is one of the powerful strategies to generate free traffic and visitors to your website and affiliate links and set up your profitable business to establish yourself as an expert in your area of business. No marketers can avoid this strategy because once it is done correctly it brings continuous flow of traffic for a long period of time. It is a valuable asset for your business.

Thus, article marketing is an effective strategy to fulfill all your requirements you need for your business. Your articles if appeared most, readers will like to read more of it and thus making you gain potential readers who can even turn to customers if impressed by the writing of yours.

Thus more writing will make you more famous if people continuously search for you. 
It will also be beneficial to improve your search engine rankings and also people will start loving your content. There are certain proper ways to write articles that will sky rocket your visitors stats and also your search engine rankings.

The very first step is to choose your niche well. If you are for example writing on diet, then you must have clear picture of your topic and you must know the purpose of your writing. You should always keep in mind what readers want. You have to influence the readers in such a way that the information provided in your article must be viewed as very beneficial and people should follow it.

At the end, the concluding part must appeal so much to the audience to compel them to seek you more and more. It should be real content which touches the thinking nerve of your reader.The next very step is to use appropriate keywords. Keywords help you to be search quickly on the web. Your topic must be very much in relation with your keywords.

There are certain sites on the web like Adwords and that help you with searching of the right keywords. They are free of cost and after you use them another tool that is a paid service called as wordtracker is very much recommended. It helps you with long keywords that will initiate your articles to be searched frequently. One most important thing is that your keywords must be present in your article, they should be totally matching to your title and also you can use them in the first line of your article.

Thus keywords mark the importance of your article content and its popularity.
When we talked about keyword, the title of the article came in picture. Why is it important?
This question has an obvious answer that your title is the fundamental base of your search. It is a concrete platform which determined the strength of your article and what is mentioned in it.

Since title is important, one thing you must think on while writing it is whether it is appropriate and not very tricky. It should contain the words which you think the reader of that article or topic will type in or look for in the search engine. So it is okay if you spend a little more time in deciding your article’s title.

Next that the reader will observe after your catchy title is the introduction paragraph.

If your title traps them in, they will start reading your article. You have to be really very careful with the introductory writing; it should be short and precise in delivering the core of your topic and what you promised in the title. Make it as brief as possible and it should obviously not be boring. Use pretty easy words and technicalities can be mentioned later. Good line can include a phrase like “Do you believe this….?” Which helps your reader stuck to it till the paragraph ends.

Let your first paragraph be filled with your keywords.

After this, now comes the tough time. Not really a tough time but yes, writing the content of your article. The content which you would involve in your article. You can, to make it simple for you list down the important points of the topic. Mark your important points and write it in organized form which enables the readers to comprehend it well and also its appearance should be neat and ordered. Try and make your article brief as long paragraphs will take the reader off to sleep before he or she will finish reading the entire stuff. This does not mean that long articles are forbidden, you can use short sentences and short paragraphs.

Your article can look presentive when you put it in the bulleted or point form. That becomes easier to read and not very monotonous. So writing content is not really a tough task to do if you keep the above mentioned points in your mind. After the reader is done with your article, he or she will expect a good ending. Your concluding paragraph will reflect your confidence about your topic. It should be very capturing and also must have repetition of the advantages and important points mentioned in your article. It should also include a line or phrases that will jump start your reader to do what you have told them to do through your article.

The repeated points will remind them about the points and also it will be appealing.
In your concluding paragraph you can also use some kind of link or a sign-up button which the reader can click as an mmediate action. This is also called as an author’s resource box.

It can be referred as an author’s advertisement. If your article has ended swiftly then your resource box will decide the reader’s further action. It will be helpful in future as and when your readers will likely be searching for you. You can make the reader’s ready for an action. Your resource box must also contain some kind of text related to your article- say a keyword.

Thus we can conclude that writing article is a skill to be learnt and if learnt rightly will bounce up your reputation and also you will be soon considered as a celeb writer in the field of article marketing.

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