Arsenal 97: to Milan, 'Tribute,' Sanchez sorry thickest thighs

Nov 15th 2015 at 7:54 PM

It feels very sad, not because of the hand-third became a point, but at the Sanchez looked depressed after the FIFA 16 game, I feel very sorry this budding thigh. Record A record 346 Mulberry seven weapons thigh November 5, 2014 Arsenal 3: 3 Anderlecht intermission, I am very glad that they can look at getting up in the morning chill live in, but the score becomes 3: 3, I regretted not sleep until Rishangsangan. The last time the same scene or to see Liverpool AC Milan equalized in Istanbul, an evaluation of Milan fans that FIFA 16 game I still remember: the first half evil, God Cock second half blind donkey. And this time it was Arsenal through time to pay tribute to Milan, Zhaomaohuahu actually awe-inspiring charm. It feels very sad, not because of the hand-third became a point, but at the Sanchez looked depressed after the FIFA 16 game, I feel very sorry this budding thigh. About thigh, gun enthusiasts absolutely no stranger, once the original Robin van Persie Arsenal, Manchester United and cheating thing, many years ago, Maradona led Napoli to sweep the Apennines, is a leg Megatron world. Today, Sanchez is to the Arsenal, the same full thigh character, if not angry Chileans double Champions League, Arsenal's current situation, I am afraid miserable. The FIFA 16 game's three goals related to Sanchez related to the first ball is Sanchez pass, Welbeck manufacturing penalty, the second goal is Sanchez kick stopped to break their own, the third goal is to steal Sanchez Chamberlain Riding Alone checkpoints. Efficient and versatile mulberry thighs evident. There's nothing wrong thigh, the key is not only one leg, because you do not know when it was limping. In intensive Premier League matches, and rely Sanchez foot stand Arsenal carrying the whole journey simply unrealistic, we should adhere to the party educate walking on two legs, so the bed of Ozil, Ramsey regression or confused Cazorla There must be one or two people stand up for Sanchez backing into. Arsenal's grade on it, two or three legs not too much, I do not expect Arsenal can be as thigh everywhere like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, because this world talk to Real Madrid, Bayern Munich than the thigh, in addition to Manchester City, only a centipede. Sanchez is determined at the time of transfer, my heart did not want people from the Barcelona bench bench to stand up to become Arsenal's savior. But the fact that people can do whatever Barca imposing directions in the Premier League, such as Yaya Toure and Fabregas Chelsea Manchester City, which is no way, in front of the prime minister seven government officials, as a former world, Barcelona system out fifa 16 coins of the people do have plug and play functionality, so this season, Sanchez definitely worth the wait. So the next question is, Arsenal seem to show the waist and the defense can hold on long incomplete? I want to win by the score, but if three goals can not win, then this is likely to be defensive in Chinese judicial intervention. Sanchez disappointment all written on the face, as a teenager suffering Chile inspirational brother, Sanchez ambition unmatched - do not let the thigh angry, or easy deviation. Some people say that Arsenal do not deserve Sanchez, remark a great problem in this world who would not say who is good enough, the key is that you like to see the money or see the face. The history of the most famous thighs called Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei holding his son until he died did not let go, but Mr. Wolong is to them spared no efforts, and this is true love. Arsenal offers the most suitable stage, Sanchez can have a go, like karaoke or singing, this is the standard of judgment. So I always go for Podolski rumors that understanding, because there is always sitting on the bench, Polti Prince AHA's spirits are now even disappeared. Arsenal looked for so many years, like Sanchez this newcomer to the FIFA 16 players on the only fully unique, it had been even worse than the original tsar and Ozil, this thick thighs, comparable to last season, Liverpool's Suarez. As the saying goes 'a good horse with a good saddle,' so the winter transfer window Arsenal for what action it is significant. For FIFA 16 players from Sanchez this trophy specialized households, if the lack of honor stimulus now would surely be scattered at Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, 'it can break the law,' a combination of more distracted, if Arsenal has never been able to retain headed FIFA 16 players, will He has been caught in shattering embarrassment. There are similar situations Ozil from Real Madrid, you can not expect them to be like Diaby, like loyalty and never betray. From 3: 0-3: 3, it is probably for the last time on the road lucky reversal debt, the good news is that we do not also owe two points, the bad news is caught in the relegation zone in the Bundesliga Dortmund four-FIFA 16 game winning streak ahead of qualifying Arsenal might even win the group or to the identity of her second child in the face of the boss monster group. Of course, the Champions League trip to Arsenal to win the group in recent years has been based on its mission, the purpose is to earn enough money, so the knockout whom accidentally killed or kill anyone indifferent, even the so-called struggle is nothing but four spree laying the groundwork for the Champions League qualification. I raise my eyes at the Emirates Stadium's creditors, such as the semi-finals contention bow can also be understood, but now under the liquidity situation, it's time to prove something, and if not for the fans, but also to the thigh or those who are interested in becoming thigh FIFA 16 players see, this is very important, it is the key to ordinary Cock wire and idealistic Cock wire of distinction. Actually, I think the Champions League basically a foregone conclusion, Arsenal second group no problem, so the next league is the key, especially in direct confrontation against Manchester United, Arsenal thigh between any two is one of the stories, and the other Aspect is a mess compare Arsenal and Manchester United who are more messy mess of some. Finally Be Coming Soon, I was going to use Mr. Gu 'seven weapons' bottle decorate their bulk wine, but please do not ask me what are the seven weapons arsenal, because I do not know, you have a suggestion, then I can tell me, so I finished, and I will have you know.

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