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Are Your Social Networks Managing YOU?

Nov 20th 2010 at 5:44 PM

Are Your Social Networks Managing YOU?

Social Marketing. That phrase either invokes excitement or a deep sense of dread. It can be incredibly rewarding and be used to help build your online business empire or be the source of frustration and countless wasted hours in front of the computer. Through much trial and error in our own businesses we have found that no matter what social platform you're on there is one simple and highly effective principle, that if you follow, will set you apart from the hoards of other marketers all vying for the same attention.
We're also including a fantastic social marketing tool spotlight in this issue that’s free and will boost your Social Media Presence overnight.

Firstly and most surprisingly, when people try to do social marketing they forget about the social part and go directly for the marketing jugular vein (relentlessly), which is a huge mistake.
The best part about social marketing is that you can become more than just your biz opp or your product...You're YOU! People get to see who you are and if they like what you have to say (not sell) you will get a loyal follower for the rest of your "social life". So, don't think too much about constantly promoting, just have fun and get creative with your posts. Of course some shameless plugs are fair game, effective and what we're all here to do anyway, but you first have to get people listening and paying attention before you start plugging.
Too simple to be true??? Try it for yourself. We found that simply sending out a tweet or posting about something that people are all abuzz about (Lady GaGa meat dress for example) is a great way to get new followers and friends. Every time we did it we got 3-7 people following us. Now that may not seem like a huge return and no, they may not be biz opp oriented. But, they are interested in what you have to say and if what you have to say is something about your awesome product or biz opp, then people will be interested because they are interested in you. And if people see that other people are following you, they might start following you just because. Then, you have gone "viral" and have tapped into the power of social marketing.
So, next time you're on Facebook, set a status update about what you had for breakfast or a funny thing your dog did or what Lindsay Lohan wore to rehab this time around and you'd be surprised at how many people will flock to you. Always remember to put the social back into social marketing.

One of the biggest obstacles about Social marketing is that you have to manage countless profiles, statuses, posts, friends and everything else that comes along with them. It can become incredibly overwhelming, time consuming and not worth the returns.
How to get around the constant job of being a socialite??? Well, we found one tool that will absolutely cut down on your "social time" so that you can get back to your real life.
Tweetdeck is a free program that will cross post all of your updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and Google Buzz! All you have to do is log on to your back office and post something out once. Tweetdeck will do the rest.

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