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1 year ago

Are Your Feelings Sabotaging Your Business?

Jul 15th 2010 at 9:35 PM

How are you feeling today? Simple question right? Well you might be surprised to know that the way you are feeling is tied to the success of your business. You see, your feelings are caused by your thoughts. They tell you what you are thinking. Therefore if you are thinking bad thoughts, you will start to feel bad. Conversely, if you are thinking good thoughts, you will start to feel good. It is because of this that we can indeed change our course in a positive way. Since your thoughts cause your feelings, it is impossible for you to have negative thoughts and feel good and it is also impossible to have positive thoughts and feel bad.  Being armed with this knowledge alone can make a significant difference if you are struggling with your business.

Everyone has gotten up “on the wrong side of the bed”, a term we use to mean we woke up in a not so good mood. Your mood is a reflection of how you feel. That feeling is brought about by negative thoughts. No matter who you are or what you have going on, if you don’t do anything to change those thoughts and feelings, they will be carried out into whatever you are doing at that time. If you are a Network Marketer, you know that we have no room in our lives or in our businesses for “bad moods”. Say you are having one of those days when you woke up “on the wrong side of the bed.”  You go sit at your desk in your home office with some half-hearted attempt to conduct some business that day. You open your email and have tons of emails from prospects and customers and people just wanting help from someone with your level of expertise. But you simply don’t feel like dealing with it all. But another part of your brain says you have to because it is a business and it’s not going to run itself. So you open your first email and the person has a problem that is really going to take some in depth research and action to resolve it. You’re already in that bad mood, so you answer the email in a way that, although not your intention, comes across cold, uncaring, or downright non-sympathetic about what that person is experiencing. That’s not good for business because it can cause damage to your reputation, which in the long run can hurt your business, all because you were in a bad mood one day and thus were insensitive to someone who came to you for help. Once word spreads that you are not pleasant to deal with, you can lose prospects, distributors, and sales. Eventually that can be detrimental to your business.

Now, let’s say you woke up “on the wrong side of the bed”, feeling bad.  This time you realized that you needed to change your thoughts immediately so that it would not set the tone of your day. You, right away, started to think “good thoughts” over and over again until you no longer felt bad. Next thing you know you are smiling, happy, feeling good. Now you go sit at your desk and address each and every email with professionalism, compassion, empathy. You graciously provide help where it is needed. You continue to build positive relationships. You make others want to recommend you and spread the word about you. Thus, building your reputation and making new prospects and distributors want to work with you. Once word spreads that you are professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with, your business continues to grow and blossom.

The lesson to be learned is that you have the power to control what you put out to the world by controlling how you feel through your thoughts. You have the power to choose whether you want to be happy or sad. You have the power to decide whether you will be a success or a failure. That power is a priceless gift that we are all given and can all benefit from tremendously when used correctly.

Copyright 2010 by Lisa Washington

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Jul 19th 2010 at 10:06 AM by amarc
Another great article Lisa - such good stuff!!!

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