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I was educated in the field of psychology, but have had a long
time interest in things of a spiritual nature. Recent studies have
focused on abundance through spirituality. I like to refer to it
as Spiritual Money Making. Check out my blog to see additional articles:
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Are You Using Attraction Marketing?

Jul 25th 2010 at 12:26 PM

Attraction-based marketing is gaining in popularity everyday because
it teaches marketers how to stop hunting prospects and “attract” prospects
to them.  In other words, attraction based marketing teaches marketers how
to stop being the hunter and to become the hunted.    Marketing use to
involved a lot of cold calling in effort to convert a prospect into a
customer.  But, attraction-based marketing is designed to give you a correct
understanding of the psychology of human nature (this includes self
understanding and understanding of others).  The idea is to set yourself
up in such a way that your prospects finds you and are  attracted to you
as a result of what you are giving them.  Yes, what you can give them! 
Remember: what’s in it for me?  

Learning attraction marketing begins with the marketer learning to know
him/her self.  The first step is to become a person who offers value to
other people.  Attraction is all about people attempting to align
themselves with people they believe can offer them value. In other
words, people are attracted and follow "leaders" 

Knowledge and self growth may seem out of place in a discussion on
marketing, but the attraction based marketer must be more educated,
more knowledgeable, and more powerful than the people he/she is
attempting to train.  How else can you set yourself up online to be
an expert who attracts people that want to be in business with you? 
Also, I must mention that to be a really good attraction based
marketer you must have a genuine desire to help people achieve their
goals.  The result will be that people will begin to perceive you as
someone of eminent value

There are a number of good resources online that can teach you about
online attraction-based marketing for your MLM, my only suggestion is
that you align yourself with someone who have proven that they are
completely familiar with the advertising techniques involved in
attraction based marketing.

Herman Wheeler

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Oct 9th 2010 at 9:59 AM by deewest
Good Article Herman Being here at IM Face Plate is a good starting place to build the relationships of Like minded people. Pleasure Meeting You I look forward to getting acquainted Have a Great Weekend Dee

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