Are You Doing the Right Thing? Russ' Story

Nov 26th 2010 at 4:18 PM

Do you ever stop and wonder if you are enjoyiong successes at the expense of your students? Actually, when did you become a teacher anyway? Do you ever wonder if you lead people on unintentionally? You do read what you send out to your list, and it's similar to what they subscribed for in the first place right? Do you ever wonder if you "embellish" to get a sale?

Ethics is a very little spoken of topic, which is saddening. I read 3 different emails from people I have never met nor heard of promising they would help me earn between $50k and $251k. Are they sure I can earn that, after all they have never spoken with me. If I was a bit less attentive, I wouldn't have realized YOU sent this to me. What if they are advertising a pyrmaid scheme? You just found out the hard way when you could be held accountable.

Why don't you stand out and do the right thing? Help people the way you say you will and they will fall in love with you! If you tell someone you're going to help them understand how to set up and receive new themes for Wordpress, why would you send them a referral link from an affiliate network, reputable or not? When you help solve someone's problem they will be much more likely to seek you out for help in some other area. Another major benefit is that they might even recommend someone to you because of a positive experience!

Read and reflect on "Russ' Story", nothing to buy. It's very important for us as business people to understand we have a responsibility to help people and not lead them on. True residual will always start with that first satisfied customer. Why do people buy things offline? It's more a close friend or relative selling a product or service because they were overwhelmed! You didn't have to drop one penny.

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Nov 26th 2010 at 7:10 PM by AbdeelMarketing
Congrats on your first article here on IMFP.

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