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Are You Broke And Stupid?

Jul 27th 2011 at 4:55 AM

Now that I have your attention please allow me to explain what I mean, please don't take the title personal unless it applies to you, and if it does you must know that its coming from a place deep within my soul to only assist you. I got this from one of the people I follow by the name of Jim Rohn, you have to check him out on YouTube, you'll never be the same.

 Anyway, being broke in these hard economic times is not unusual, but you don't have to be broke and stupid at the same time, one of these by themselves is bad enough but both together are a fatal mix. I've been both together and trust me when I say that its no fun. Below are a few helpful hints and suggestions that may help you. If you notice I like to use the word suggestions, it should be self explanatory.

1. When you're thinking about joining a business remember, what someone else is making has absolutely nothing to do with what you may make.

2. In other words, what someone else eats don't make you burp, stop counting other people's money and concentrate on your own.

 3. When will you see results for all your hard work? Only when you start working, you have to put your own work in when you ride this horse.

 4. Don't expect to make a dime by Osmosis, If you're wondering what I mean read #2 again.

 5. Marketing your Home Business will probably be the hardest job you've ever had in your life and the Market will let you know if you're cut out for it.

 6. Don't throw a blanket indictment over the whole industry just because you're lazy.

 7. You'll probably be the worst boss you ever had, the other day I asked myself If I could use the bathroom and my answer was, sure but you have to take your laptop with you. I know, I need therapy.

8. The smart people could care less what you say you or other people are making, what they really want to know is if you can educate, train, teach and lead them because people don't join companies, they join people. Please marinate on this post, internalize it, eat it, digest it, remember it because trust me, it'll come in handy one day and always go with your gut because it'll be right more times than its wrong.

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