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I want to rich, filthy rich so that I can help many poor and less fortunate children and people.I admire Mr. Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, They not only helps poor but they asked others rich people to help too. Hope and Pray we can make this world better place for live the life everyone dream to be.
Rammesh Perumal | Rammesh
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Are you an online opportunity seeker or strategic thinker?

Oct 22nd 2010 at 7:11 AM

Every success story begin with healthy and strong mindset! This is undeniable fact, that your determination, mindset and persistence plays very crucial part to success in any business. Online or offline business this rules are applied same. You have to treat your online business similar to offline business, they are both need great attention if you really want to see success. Let’s we dive to our topic, 1st we dig about opportunity seekers.

Mr. Opportunity Seeker

Majority of opportunity seekers are new comers who are will hop, skip and stumble from one opportunity to another and never put their effort to acquire necessary skill. They are always looks out for big income generator products. I am not saying its wrong but believing you can make easy money with less work always end up burning your hard earned money.  When one’s mindset not focus a small setback on the product he is working on will be concluded as failure. What happen next he will go for hunting again! J Hunting journey for new product never ends ….

These are the folks who are always trapped into hype market and be cash cow to cash hungry gurus. Anyhow opportunity seekers are the one prosper the online business.  Well, I am one of them some 15 months agoJ. But I quickly reorganized myself, focus my mindset and put all the knowledge I gain to work! I take this opportunity to thanks Mr. Chris Farrell (affiliate link) to help me realize my dream. He is one the best beginners coach on online business world. Next lets we layout how a strategic thinker work.

Mr. Strategic Thinker

Strategic thinkers always think and act like an entrepreneur, they are solution providers rather than a solution seeker. Strategic thinkers are always looking for doing something better or easier and very progressive learner to stay relevant. Their goal is to overcome whatever obstacles or online myths appear before them at all costs. They are very disciplined, creative and willing to take risk to try something new.

Strategic thinkers are good planners, they always find different approach to reach their audience.  They are highly motivated and will bring the positive vibration wherever they are. Mostly they are contributors unlike opportunity seekers who’s main intention to sell something and make quick bucks, strategic thinkers will serve their audience with good value and create relationship with them. They are not only establishing long term relationship with their customer but also build solid recurring sales list for years come.

Now, tell me are they (strategic thinkers) born with that value?  How we can plant and develop the same skill as strategic thinkers? Please spread your view below ……..

Talk soon,

Rammesh Perumal

One Dollar Corner Dot Com

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