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Are Traffic Exchanges a Useful Tool ?

Jul 12th 2010 at 11:56 AM

You know ever since the first traffic exchanges came about in the mid 90's people have been predicting that they would become extinct in short order.  Yet, these programs continue to hang around despite criticism that they "do not work for anyone".  If that were indeed true then these advertising sources would have died out not long after they were originally spawned.

Here are the facts, I know of several online marketers that make well into the six figure mark using traffic exchanges as a major part of their advertising strategy.  People like James Grandstaff, Robert Puddy, and Jon Olson are making tremendous incomes by using advertising and marketing methods that take advantage of the strengths of manual traffic exchanges.  This isn't hype or fiction, these are real people making real incomes through their advertising.

Here are some reasons why using quality manual traffic exchanges are excellent advertising resources:

-  You have real people viewing your website.
-  The people that are viewing your website are people that are primarily interested in earning an income online.
-  These people are largely interested in resources that may help them create a business or make higher affiliate commissions.
-  They are a captive audience.
-  90% of traffic exchange marketers do not know how to effectively market their products or services.  If you can crack this code you can leap ahead of your competition and start building a list of customers and begin making money quickly.

I started building my list of subscribers with traffic exchanges about 15 months ago and have built a subscriber base of about 3800 people in that short time.  Probably 60% of these that joined were from a traffic exchange of some kind.

I am currently making an income of approximately $700-800 per month through my list and my traffic exchange marketing.

One of the best new traffic exchanges to come along recently is Major League Hits.  Here you can get direct access to Instant Traffic Secrets where you get access to the Insider's Advantage of how to succeed in using traffic exchanges to build a list and develop a community.

In order to build a list with traffic exchanges you are going to need the following tools to help you in your business:

1.  An autoresponder to follow up with your prospects immediately, no matter what time of day or night.

2.  A source of tracking to ensure you are using the best sources for your advertising.  A good tracking program will allow you to know which advertising sources are giving you the best return for your investment AND which you can stop using to save yourself from losing profits.

3. Your own hosting.  This will give you complete control over your web pages and allow you to create visually appealing lead capture pages that don't have extra ads or annoying pop-ups that you don't want.

4.  Knowledge like that you can find in Instant Traffic Secrets.

Once you have these elements working together you can craft a system that will use traffic exchanges to build your list and help you create income at a geometric pace.

It took me months to find the right combination's of things to learn how to begin to really make money online.  I am constantly refining methods to make it easier, less time consuming, and more efficient so that I can make money at a faster rate.

Traffic exchanges are not dead, they are alive and well!  The competition among exchanges is fierce and results are the yardstick that will determine which survive and which will not.  Those that constantly bring in new members with fresh eyes to view your opportunity are the ones that will survive.  Those that do not will be gone within one, maybe two years.

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