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Sep 9th 2010 at 1:23 AM

Hi! My Faceplate friends,

Recently, i come across this website which I find it a good idea to monetize my reading hobby. I, in face, called myself a "Readaholic"...haha..a term I've created for a "binge reader' like myself. Well, I sounds a little funny. I'm by nature quite a humorous person and I even made fun of myself! Being born with a humorous and self-entertaining nature I , therefore, hardly feel bored. Right! So I am a "Readaholic". Wonder if there's anyone here who is just as "readaholic" as me?.

Having bumped into this website, I proceed to set up an account with it to see what comes around. I am always open to risk-free opportunities and especially if there's free membership for me to get familiarised with. So, I got my account up and active.

Soon, after gotten my account activated, I began to receive articles in a separate window which I must read the article through and then accord my rating as what I feel it should deserve. Thereafter, I will then close the page and then go back to the website to read and rate the next one recurringly until there's no more in the queue for me to read. There's instruction at the website stating that I must check back often to make sure that I don't miss the as and when queuing articles awaiting my readership. In order for me to check back for queuing articles conveniently, I leave the webpage on and since I'm online most of the time doing multiple tasks it's not likely for me to miss any reading opportunities except for that I'm away from the computer to attend to other matters.

Since I participated in this reading and rating program todate, I've read and rate a total of 74 out of 94 article invites. 20 articles were missed during my absence from my PC. Well, that's considered not bad although the amount accumulated has yet to reach an level attractive enough to show off but, well, small amount is still money after all. Moreover, it will continue to add on over the period as long as I continue to read and rate. This is a plus to me since I've always been reading unpaid articles for ever since I started surfing internet.

With this program available, it's like having a "electronic piggy bank" in my computer. What's even better is the difference in currency. The program pays in USD and I'm in Singapore. The conversion is between US Dollars and Singapore Dollars makes quite a great difference. So, when I look at the amount indication at the menu bar of the website, I feel my "eye-effort" is worth it. I get paid for doing what I love doing and am always doing in a very simple way. This makes me wonder if there are some more of such reading programs and if there are, I'll sure gladly participate.

However, not all of such program are genuine. Many years ago, I've participated in a number of get paid to do survey and reading junk mail programs but have not received a single dime from any of them. All my time spent "turned smoke in the air". Due to those disappointments, I became very selective and sceptical. Not unless I'm convinced that it's for real or otherwise I would choose not to even join in.

So, after having signed up since the 5th of September, which is just about two couple days ago, I can really see my budding figure accumulatively; it's real money which I can finally cash out when it reaches its minimum sum and not in the form of points.

Finally, I would like to encourage "Readaholics" like me to consider this program to turn reading hobby into paid one. At least, it subsidises some of the internet usage bills or perhaps treat it like a "e-piggy bank" and set it aside as extra pocket money. There's nothing to lose after all since it requires not a single dime to get the account up and running. To kick start, simply click onto the banner embedded below for your convenience and soon you'll be knowing what I mean.

Thanks for your valuable time spent to read this article and may I wish all Faceplaters a rewarding and joyful day!



To your pocketful of wealth,

Grace Lim

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

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Sep 9th 2010 at 7:59 AM by click_n_bid
Hi! Bensonlaw, thanks for reading my article. Yes, I am exactly describing Website Tester in one of my post. I've been waiting for the trial launch to end and I just happened to know that it has reached its target of 400,000 participants when I tried to return to the website. So, I click on the video link at the webpage and watch hear what the CEO wants to put across via the Youtube video. I'm feeling exciting about it!
Sep 9th 2010 at 7:50 AM by bensonlaw
Hi Grace,it's interesting,I will check it out later. Have you joined Website Tester? It is not exactly identical to the site you described, but it also pays people who test websites and write reviews.Its pre launch is just over and now trying to get back up on after receiving the heavy loads of response. Anyway, here is the link:

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