Ardyss Has Nutritional Supplements Too?

Jul 9th 2010 at 7:31 PM

To answer the question in the title, yes, Ardyss International sells nutritional supplements, as well as cosmetics and skin care products. Granted the reshaping garments, such as the Body Magic and Angel Bra, garner the lion's share of the attention for the company. However, no MLM company can thrive without a product that keeps customers coming back for more, month after month. Some type of consumable product is usually the mainstay of any multi-level or network marketing company. We are talking about vitamins, foods, juices, soaps, lotions, potions, oils, etc. And though Ardyss is mainly known for its reshapers, it is no different. No one needs a different reshaping garment every month. It is the month-to-month sale of consumable products that keep the company afloat and its distributors in profit. And like most MLM companies, Ardyss' consumables are unique and first-class, especially its nutritional supplements. Because Ardyss and other companies in the Network Marketing industry do not have to expend a lot of capital on marketing, advertising, or distribution, they can afford to spend more capital on research and development. As a result, Ardyss can bring products to the market that are quite superior to those found in your average grocery store. As a consequence, these products are generally more expensive than what is found in the grocery story. So what makes Ardyss' products unique?

There are a lot of MLM companies offering healthy juices, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements with sky-high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values. But Ardyss stands alone in that it offers instant gratification for those seeking weight loss, or at least a slimmer figure, and long-term weight loss promotion support via its nutritional supplement. Even the reshapers themselves, are designed to promote permanent weight loss. Ardyss International's nutritional supplements are the perfect complement to the reshapers.

The standard bearer of the Ardyss nutritional line is the Le'Vive fruit juice. Also known as "the Power of Five", Le'Vive boasts the presence of Goji, Noni, Pomengrate, Acai Berry and Mangosteen, all superfoods or rather super fruits in their own right. The term super fruit refers to a fruit which "combines exceptional nutrient  richness and antioxidant quality with appealing taste", according to Wikipedia. Any of the five would be great alone, but put all five of them together and you have a drink that can help you with a variety of health issues including slowing the aging process by decreasing the levels of harmful free radicals. Le'Vive also helps one just plain feel and look younger and maintain an overall state of good health.

Ardyss has a number of other healthy drinks including the Ardyss Plus multivitamin drink that promotes healthy immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. There is Ardyss Mangosteen Plus, a powerful antioxidant juice concentrate loaded with anti-aging properties. Coral Calcium, Cran Aloe, and Pure Noni are other examples of drinks loaded with antioxidants and other healthful properties. Ardyss also has a couple of coffee drinks. Collaffee is a cappuccino flavored coffee that helps to revitalize and hydrate the skin, joints, hair and nails, as well as slow the aging process. Coffee Ardyss is a thermogeneic coffee that promotes weight loss by regulating the body's metabolism and providing energy.

Then there are a number of drinks designed with specific purposes in mind. Memory Charge is obviously designed for brain performance, Enerlife to provide continuous energy, Top Fiber to help eliminate excess fat and sugar, Power Boost to strengthen, tone and firm the muscles, tendon, and ligaments, and Thermogen Plus Weight Loss Tea, the self-explanatory Super Digestive Support, Triple-LifeLine to help stabilize the heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and many more "designer" supplements.

Ardyss also specializes in detoxification and cleansing products. The main one, the Ultra Body Cleanse Plus Pack, is composed of natural herbs and enzymes to detox and clean the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin, as well as aid in proper digestion. There is also a variety of nutritional supplements in pill form, including vitamins for women and children.

There is basically something for everybody. The common thread with most of these products is the promotion of weight loss, anti-aging, and more energy and vitality. These products provide a perfect compliment to the reshaping line of garments. When you add in the cosmetics and skin care products, you have a wide array of products to help you not only look better, but to feel better as well. As you can see, there is much more to Ardyss than the Body Magic.  The Ardyss International nutritional supplements are good enough to stand by themselves and sustain an MLM. But don't take my word for it. Try them yourselves.

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