Architectural form deformation Cause and Solution

Aug 18th 2015 at 9:38 PM

As a temporary building templates support structure to withstand the weight and role in building the template on which the external load. We use when building templates, building template structure may appear deformed, below, we have to analyze the building form deformation of reasons: building templates support and purlin spacing is too large, building templates stiffness difference, this situation below, Building templates will appear deformed, in a small steel group fight when failing to set up connections, causing poor overall construction template. disadvantages of load bearing external wall

No wall building templates and bolt or bolt spacing is too large, bolt size too small. Vertical load-bearing supported on the soil is not compacted, not mat flat, and no drainage measures, with part of ground subsidence caused by branch. Door and window openings between the inner mold to support weak, easily vibrated concrete construction template when pushed side. If building templates pouring walls, concrete columns excessive speed, then a watering height is too high, excessive vibration may cause deformation of building template, use wood or plywood building template construction, after passing the acceptance is not timely pouring concrete, long day sun and rain-plane deformation. Beams, columns, building templates fixture spacing Da, or clamping building templates, or pull the bolt with an insufficient number of local construction template that can not afford to lateral pressure generated when concrete vibrators, causing localized burst mode. building a trex deck on a flat roof

Workaround building templates Deformation: 1. Using wooden building templates, plywood construction template when construction, after passing should be pouring concrete, to prevent long-term exposure to wood construction template deformation rain occur. 2. building templates and support system design should take full account of its own weight, lateral pressure generated contented construction loads and concrete pouring time and to ensure that construction formwork and scaffold has sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability. 3. spans no less than 4m in situ reinforced concrete beams, plates, and its architectural template design requirements should bagging; when the design is no specific requirement, bagging height appropriate for the span of 1 / 1000-3 / 1000. 4. combination of small steel assembly, the connector should be required to be placed on the purlin and bolt spacing, size design requirements should be set. 5. beam bottom support spacing should be able to ensure that no weight in the concrete and construction loads deformed if the support at the bottom of the soil foundation, should be carefully compacted drainage ditch, and lay out a long pass skids or steel, to ensure support no subsidence. waterproof kitchen flooring options

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