Announcing the OG Benz Club – Get Your Benz Today

Jan 22nd 2012 at 6:37 AM
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A crowd of over ten thousand people packed the MGM Garden Area in Las Vegas for the latest Project 50 Thousand event. Everyone went nuts as Organo Gold announced the brand new Mercedes Benz club! At first, we thought that only those distributors that have reached the ranks of Diamond would receive one. But to our surprise, Organo Gold said the Emerald’s were included, then they added Ruby’s, and if that wasn’t good enough, they then said Sapphire also. WOW! This makes OG the best company out there, a Sapphire only needs $14,000 and 4 qualified teams to reach that rank. It is in the reach for everyone to get a brand new Mercedes Benz!

Imagine that! Just think what this is going to do to your Organo Gold distributorship. This new incentive will have everyone trying hard to become Sapphire. Those under you that are Sapphire won’t want to lose the car bonus, so they will do what it takes to stay Sapphire. Or maybe they are dreaming of a better Mercedes Benz. All they have to do is raise their pin rank and they will get a higher bonus. Can you see yourself driving around in a brand new black Mercedes Benz with the Organo Gold logo on it? You will arrive to your coffee jazz mixers in style. People will be asking you what they have to do to get one also. This incentive will double all our businesses. This is very exciting. Spread the word and watch your business grow. By now you must be wondering about the details and how to get yours.

Here is how it works. You have to qualify at the rank of Sapphire or higher for two months in a row. The first month you register for the club, then on the second month you still need to qualify for Sapphire or higher and the the money is paid out to be used towards the payment of a black Mercedes Benz. To continue to receive the monthly car payments, you must continue to qualify at Sapphire or higher. Otherwise, you will receive nothing that month.

How much money will you receive towards your Mercedes Benz payment? It is based on your monthly rank. Sapphires will receive $400.00, Ruby received$600.00, Emerald received $800 and Diamonds receive $1000.00 a month towards their car payment.

Organo Gold had over 150 million dollars in sales for 2011 and has the goal of reaching 300 million dollars in sales revenue during 2012. They were founded in June 2008. They have 55 distributors now that have reached Diamond. A Diamond is a distributor that has sales volume in his organization of $200,000.00 a month or more. Organo Gold has the goal of breaking 100 new Diamonds during January 2012. They are also planning on promoting 2500 Sapphires during 2012. Imagine all those OG Mercedes Benzes driving around.

OG intends on capturing the one percent of the coffee drinkers in North America who are looking for a healthy coffee alternative. Only Organo Gold can claim 100% certified organic log grown ganoderma in their coffee. Everyone will soon know who Organo Gold is as a company. They seek to be the most admired company in the world. Does this sound like a company that is going places and you would want to get involved with?

Ready to get started? Join Organo Gold Today and become the next coffee millionaire.

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