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Stainless steel - making materials
Due to the different uses of each product, the processing of raw materials and quality requirements are also different. Generally different stainless steel products, its raw material requirements also vary thickness tolerances, like second-class tableware and mug etc., thickness tolerances generally higher, -3 to 5%, and a thickness tolerance tableware General requirements - 5% -10% steel such requests, hotels with a freezer timber thickness tolerance requirements -8%, dealers thickness tolerance requirements generally between 4% to 6%. At the same time export products will lead to different customers in different raw materials thickness tolerances required. Generally higher export products customer thickness tolerances, while domestic enterprises thickness tolerance requirements are relatively low (mostly because of cost considerations), some customers even ask -15%.304 stainless steel wire suppliers

①DDQ (deep drawing quality) material: refers to a material for deep drawing (red) uses, is it said, the soft material, the main characteristics of this material is higher elongation (≧ 53%), compared with the hardness low (≦ 170%), internal grain grading between 7.0 to 8.0, excellent deep drawability. Many production thermos pot class enterprises, processing their products generally are higher than (BLANKING SIZE / products in diameter), which processed more than 3.0,1.96,2.13,1.98 respectively. SUS304DDQ timber is mainly used for processing these requests higher than the product, of course, working ratio of more than 2.0 products are generally subject to a few times a stretch to complete. If the extension of terms of raw materials can not reach it, deep drawing products in processing products easy to crack, pull wear phenomenon, affecting the rate of qualified products, of course, will increase the cost of manufacturers;Aluminum Suppliers near me

② general material: mainly used for external purposes in addition to DDQ materials, the characteristics of this material is relatively low elongation (≧ 45%), and relatively high hardness (≦ 180HB), internal grain grade of 8.0 to 9.0 rooms, compared with DDQ timber, it is relatively deep drawability somewhat less, it is mainly used in the products can be obtained without thrust, like a class tableware spoon, spoons, forks, electrical appliances, steel uses. But it is compared with DDQ material has an advantage BQ is relatively good, mainly due to the slightly higher because of its hardness.Cheap stainless steel sheets

an important part of building energy

Dec 30th 2015 at 6:34 PM

Wall insulation is an important part of building energy efficiency, since energy conservation in the country started, experienced interior wall insulation wall insulation, clip the development process wall panels exterior suppliers ireland and the core insulation exterior insulation technology. Interior and exterior insulation technology: the space inside the building wall insulation material in order to achieve additional energy saving purposes. But the presence of the interior and exterior insulation issues, namely low thermal efficiency, facades and some parts such as the T-wall, ring beam is difficult to deal with the formation of "thermal bridge" so that the insulation performance is reduced;.

the second is to do in the interior insulation , to re-decoration, hanging additional facilities bring a lot of trouble, if quality problems, maintenance, tenants will cause great distress; the third is occupied plastic wood for outdoor terraces interior space within the insulation, reducing households use area. Clip core insulation technology: the adoption of measures for peripheral parapet slicing, forming walls - insulation materials - wall system, to achieve thermal insulation purposes. However, due to the complexity of production, can not effectively solve the construction problem of "cold bridges" problem, interlayer insulation external wall insulation practices have been gradually replaced by the practice.

Exterior insulation technology: that is, in the outer facades additional insulation materials to save energy. Exterior insulation technology is today to promote a building energy-saving technology. Exterior insulation than the inner wall insulation, energy-efficient construction and reasonable technology, energy-saving effect. Exterior insulation technology applies bathroom floor manufacturers in thailand not only to new construction, but also for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings; exterior insulation material wrapped on the outside of the main structure, can effectively protect the main structure of the building, to extend the life of the building; reduce Building Structure "thermal bridge" to increase the effective use of building space.

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