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Amega Review

Oct 2nd 2010 at 6:10 PM

Hi and welcome to Amega Global Review. I'm Marina Costa and I am a Amega’s BA (see my website) and just like you I'm sure, I was a little skeptical of this whole health care revelation that Amega is touting. But, as everything in our life; it happens only until I experienced the power of them. I’ve had bad wrist pain; because of a synovial cyst, but just in a couple minutes using the products my pain was gone.

Through my own experiences, watching others having similar results and listening to the testimonials from other on the live phone calls, there is no doubt we are on the verge of something huge! These Zero-point energy products are really quite amazing.

The business side is also a huge compared to other multi level marketing opportunities. So just let me know; how much would you pay if you were able to get rid of some of the pains you have feeling for years? I’d love to have you join my team and be on your way to financial freedom.

A recent explosion of people searching for Amega Products is the AMwand. It looks like a pen but it is made up of mixture of granulated minerals and created by technology called AMized Fusion. This proprietary technology resonates at what is called zero point energy. This point of energy reminds the cells within the body of where the cells originated from and promotes the self healing that so many are experiencing.

The Amega products work on the immunity and nervous system as also. When the products with AMized Technology is used on the body, the resonance will activate the life force energy inside the cells and tissues, unblocks the energy channels, which initiates your body to begin to promote self healing and well being.

I understand and was wondering that now you may be saying to yourself – “Yeah, right. I have heard this stuff before” – that is fine, I respect that thought; just because I thought it before. But; go look at the testimonial page, listen to a live call and hear live testimonials from people who have had their pain taken away with the use of these products. It will blow your mind! This is something that has never seen before as far as how much of an effect these things are having on people. The other side of this is the money. You can start earning and the can give others a wellness. It is amazing!


Best Regards,

Marina Costa.

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Dec 1st 2013 at 6:03 AM by marty
thx for sharing
Dec 28th 2010 at 7:18 PM by bjfoot
Very nice article and the site is great. Your products are VERY Good!

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