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Amazing Facts On Different Types Of Energy

Dec 26th 2015 at 3:19 AM

There are many different types of energy. Some are renewable whilst some are not. Some have more benefits to offer than the other whereas, some may only be perilous to use. Here are some amazing facts on different types of energy.

Natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel of all having less emission of similar fuels. It is found in abundance throughout the world and America has the sixth largest reserves of natural gas in the whole world which allows them to easily supply gas to the people for use throughout the year. The best thing about natural gas is that it retains high energy output. However, it is highly flammable which is why it is must to take a few safety precautions wherever the gas is being used or supplied.

Nuclear power

Much discussion goes on about whether nuclear power is the best or the worst of all types of energies. The disadvantages of nuclear power are obvious due to events such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. Nuclear power plants are built with great risks- if the power plant happens to explode or melt down, the radiation released will have drastic adverse effects on every living thing in the domain. The air and water supplies will also be affected for decades to come. Even when the nuclear power plant is functioning, it emits radiation, however at a very slow rate which is hardly harmful to humans at all. The byproduct of the factory is nuclear waste which is leaked into the water surrounding the plant. This water is contaminated and cannot be used by humans, therefore, the water is sent into the mountains to get decontaminated over the years. Learn more about nuclear power if interested.

Geothermal energy

Not many people have knowledge regarding geothermal energy although there are some very interesting facts related to it. Geothermal energy is much like the renewable sources of energy like solar and wind power, creating no pollution at all. However, it needs no power source. The problem with the production of geothermal energy is that the environmental conditions have to be very precise and favourable. This kind of environmental conditions can only be found near an area with the natural heat-producing feature, such as a volcano. But constructing a geothermal plant at such a site is quite difficult as well as dangerous. On the upside, geothermal plants can be built over geysers. Such geothermal plants need nothing for sustenance as they can power itself up after activation. It can also operate for twenty-four hours a day with ninety percent efficiency.


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