Am I doing it right?

Jun 15th 2011 at 8:03 PM
I often ask myself  am I doing this right or that right?  It really depends on who your listening to.  Everyone claims to be the expert on their niche, and the truth is they very well may be.

I’ve been around for a few years and have heard, seen, and learned a lot, and the truth is my knowledge can only take me so far.  I see and watch.  I listen and learn.  If I find something that benifits my situation, I investigate exactly what it is I need to know and search for the best rated person or process to gain the knowledge I need.

There are many people in affiliate marketing that run in and think, I can make a fortune in this industry.  They believe everything that comes their way.  They spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time.  I know this because I was that person when I started.  They often get little to no result and give up.  I gave up most of it.  I went back to the work place and just maintained a few basic programs.  I kept my online presence and continued to learn.  Now I am back at home and living off the income I generate online.

Now I research everything I do before I do anything.  I have learned that investigating on the front end saves a lot of time and money on the back end.  I have excel spreadsheets that I input data on everything I do.  I ask myself  based on my collected information, is this activity making me money?  Is this activity gaining someones trust and faith in me?  Is this activity proving my integrity.

 I decided a long time ago to invest my time and money into training to be successful.  There are so many aspects to affiliate marketing that you have to train and research, and train, and then do more research.  As soon as you start to make money in one area you need to reinvest and dominate another.

The real secret to being successful is never stop learning, researching, and training.  Never accept that what success you have is all you need.  trends and programs change everyday.  You need to reinvent yourself on a daily basis.  To feel that you have enough knowledge and are set for life could be your demise.
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