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2 years ago

Akea Essentials—Now More than Ever (Part One)

Dec 2nd 2010 at 1:04 AM


Akea Essentials—Now More than Ever (Part One)

by Maurice Werness, N.D.

Fall is a perfect time to take your Akea Essentials and receive the most from its immune-enhancing properties. As the weather grows cold and the viruses get bold—at least, for readers in the Northern Hemisphere—you'll want to keep your defenses at their strongest.

Several specific ingredients in Essentials enhance the immune system all on their own. But the real magic lies in synergy—the synergistic effect of taking these ingredients together in Essentials greatly enhances their effectiveness.

Did you know that some 80 to 90 percent of the immune system originate from the digestive tract? So, the healthier your digestive function, the better your immune function.

The digestive tract is your first line of defense in terms of fending off infective microbes. In the simplest terms, here's how that process works…

  • The tonsils, a part of your lymph system, are the first to engage any foreign microbes
  • Then, the stomach acids and live enzymes eat up whatever shouldn't get through
  • Then, our healthy probiotics do combat with whatever foreign microbes shouldn't be there

Akea Essentials provides ingredients that optimize the immune system. Click on the links below for some fascinating insights into how these whole superfood ingredients work to your benefit.

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