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Nov 28th 2012 at 12:35 AM

This is my promise to rescue team, I will I these days how to own a person standing in the taibai no man's land camp experience written as a real case for discussion, in order to LvYou help, but from my own conscience, it would nothttp://www.jordansgoldmedalspackforsale.commentioned, it's not that I don't want to recall, again face (though often come to think of it are very pain, and a lot of things are not afraid of you experience, afraid you remember), I am afraid of my family and friends see, again cause their worry and fear, so first of all, I want to my friend said, are playing and want to play outdoor can see, don't play please don't see, even see, please don't worry, I survived, and this is my life very important an experience, also can saying is I must experience, it makes me know the responsibility - to the responsibility of the family, the friend's responsibility, the responsibility to strangers, it makes me understand the value. Thanks again for my family, my friends, feng outdoor, shaanxi rescue teamJordan gold medal pack for sale blue sky, it is you just had today more strong, more sunshine, I thank you.

Here, I just put some of his own experience recorded, hope can cause some of your thinking, hope to help you LvYou (but I take half a life in return yo), but the discussion, hope is limited to outdoor common sense and self-help method, to relate to the event too files, please don't use English in this comment, because of, believe in jordan 11 bred for saleeveryone's heart has a steelyard, fair in the heart. "You say that or not, the fact is there, impartiality".

From the pond oral up right, about shoes problem may be commonplace, "must not wear new shoes climbing", can I play outdoor from the start it would not follow this line of iron law, because I just trying shoes appropriate, that is no problem, but this time really appeared exception (propose, iron law is iron law, don't save any fluke mind, even if in ten thousand times as long as there one exception, are likely to become a fatal accident.,.), just from the pond mouth began to walk, shoes in grinding feet, very ache, less than an hour, I had a feeling feet seem bred 4sto have broken, but this team go fast, I can't stop processing (in fact, I was should stop to processing, here the foot gall, to be my ten days after the safe hidden trouble, once my feet frostbite or infection, the consequences will be very serious. . At the same time, I also can't go because there are four days' journey, I need to conserve energy. For the weight of the package, my bag is a bit heavy (4 days of stroke, afraid of the other condition, I prepared five days of supply), plus two later tank, my bag in jordan 9 Olive for sale50 pounds over, than some of the packages are heavy (some of them is what share), but is because I take things is full, no and others share something (such as furnace head and so on), that I can in no man's land independent camp five days, (because, the boy may feel and girls Shared some thing, that is the girl in let boys help back, in view of this kind of thought, I all things are their use, single back). I take medicine is more full (go before, I spent nearly 300 dollars to buy all kindsconcord 11s for saleof medicine), in the second day camp, the leader and a players appear slightly high reverse, I volunteered to take out my medicine for all to use, I will my a whole box of anti-inflammatory drugs to one of the players.

Walk jordan 11 for saleabout the rhythm of the problem, everyone has their own unique rhythm, and his good or not good at, as a team should coordinate with each other, and because I uphill speed is not fast, at the same time the leader and anxious to four days through, so everyone is eager to rush forward, make my uphill speed but also highlights the slow, but a team can't everyone a speed go, how to coordinate unit is very important, in outdoor, the first and the last one to ten minute is very normal, and in this team, I with front in the uphill in five minutes have become not normal, but behind me and a boy, he is better than I was slow, the leader can't say that boy (estimation is embarrassed injury boy's self-esteem), I become the only accused object. In 8 afternoon, a small stone sea, I fell on thejordan 6 carmine for sale stone, I sat on the mountain a rest, slow a XiaShen, the leader, turning back, saw I sat down on a stone, said nothing and then scold me, I was very grievance, but I have nothing to say, because really uphill unhappy (note: night when camp just know at that time the leader some high back, have a headache, and I understand his physical reasons, temper may not too good, but can't take the girl when punching bag ah, the boy with dignity, girls can be arbitrary said? I later realized that I was should refute, this will make the team have a normal attitude, but I wasn't do any retort... I later realized, others to their own attitude in a certain extent, is you let others take this kind of attitude to their own, when other people to oneself attitude is not correct, must be correct, because you don't go to correct, no one can help you to correct, and people will take it as normal. I often too easy, too modesty, even when others are too much to me, I also seldom go to the object, it seems that it wasraptor 7s 2012 my fault, indulge others take the wrong attitude to me.

Then recall, this team is very cold, a manager said that a girl, not a person to help said words, or help the active atmosphere, self-seeking if you can keep up with the speed of the leader, afraid they were said, so, what happened later, I am in a certain extent understand). Go out to play together, must choose a good natured the leader, because in the environment of bad circumstances, the person's temper is very horrible, it will affect the wholejordan bred 11s team morale and confidence.

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