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Air Jordan 9 Retro Cool Grey

Dec 3rd 2012 at 11:44 PM

She was brought up in the city, she was tired of hearing the noise in the city, had always longed to travel, look for a world of their own, listen to natural sounds, not as long as the stream of people such as voice, Loneliness is a kind of enjoyment? I was frustrated. Jordan 9 Cool Grey Maybe she is forced by the pressure of life, was born in 80's after the people, too much pressure, there is a kind of feeling of youth. But no matter how, also does not specifically looking for a lonely. I was afraid of loneliness. I'm afraid lonely since childhood, is affected by the environment, loneliness is a kind of fear and helplessness. But I was always so lonely, lonely like a shadow around me, as the shadow follows the form. Not only don't like lonely, but I also don't like the sea.

Juvenile at the time of a drowning, almost killing me, this lesson makes me unforgettable, Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey blue sea no matter how clear and interesting, can never shake off the feeling of suffocation. The sea, the wind gently, she has thrown the shoes, barefoot in the seaside frolic. But the two days, this was supposed to enjoy the lonely girl, and often to the few people are familiar with, go for a walk in the morning when greeting each other, and there is a foreign woman. In my eyes, she doesn't fall into the lonely. I don't often go to the beach, Air Jordan 9 Retro Cool Grey I hide in the room and watch TV, in the shallow sleep pillow. The sea is so quiet, no machine noise, no building site cutting metal voice. I even heard the waves gently, like a respiration floating shake in the ear, Throughout the night, I slept very well. In my hometown, in me before leaving, my home in front of the building has been engaged in the construction, high-rise buildings have been built in half, completely destroyed my sleep. Sleep to midnight, except for the cutting grinding sound, often heard the screeching of high-altitude parabolic sound, heavy on hit me on the head. Today, I seem to be a kind of enjoyment, sleep until dawn. Jordan Cool Grey 9 Release Date The corridor was gently cough, is suppressed, is not going to let people hear. In addition to wind around the sound, is a quiet, even the dawn like quietly, to play on a white screens, as if to tell people: Hey, wake up, the night away!

Originally, I have been longing for this alone in the quiet, but I did not feel lonely, quiet is more lonely than the United States, it let your thoughts drift in open perspective, any imagination in heart pacing, I don't have a pen, head long jumps out of a few Bred 11S For Sale lines of beautiful words, to praise the sea breeze, blue sky, dawn, and the sea is quiet. Yes, I do not think that everything in nature, if not this "artificial ", such a good view, whether the excavator plangent? Is there a variety of high rise, a sound from the beginning?

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