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Affordable Water Filters

Jul 9th 2011 at 4:41 AM

Buying Home Water Filters Without Breaking The Bank

The tap water contains contaminants of varying degrees of toxicity even after

municipal water treatment.

There is a higher possibility to consume the inorganic chemicals and other chlorine

substances when your tap water is consumed directly without undergoing any home

purification. This can pose a great danger to the health not necessarily in the

short term but more likely in the long term.

This problem can be solved either by consuming bottled water or filtered drinking

water. Constantly buying bottled water can really get expensive. And besides, not

all bottled water may be of the superior quality you think.

A study by the NRDC found that of the 108 national bottled brands they studied,

about a third of them contained were of very spotty quality.

By far the best way to have clean, safe drinking water 24/7, is to acquire a

quality home water filter. There are many economical and a convenient option so if

you are on a tight budget - you can find one that suits your pocket.


You can select any type of filter ranging from a whole house filter to simple

pitcher filter. However, if you are living in a rented house where you can't make

any changes to the property this can be tricky.

Therefore faucet filters are a great option. These filters don't require any

plumbing as you need to just fix them onto the existing faucet.

Apart from this unit, a simple pitcher filter consists of jugs with filters

incorporated in it. These home water filters are portable and  incredibly cheap.

However they only remove a limited amount of contaminants and their membranes tend

to clog easily.

If you have got your own house, you could consider going with a larger unit like a

whole house filter. These remove contaminants from every faucet in your home - but

they can be quite costly.

It is best to shop for them online to see if you can get the most competitive


One thing that can help you in choosing an effective home water filter is to check

for certification. A certified device is guaranteed to remove certain contaminants

and not others.


Therefore if a manufacturer claims his purification device can remove bacteria but

the certification says it can only remove chlorine - then you know that company

cannot be trusted.

Another thing to check for is the cost to operate the filtration device. Some

devices waste more water than others. So be sure to research cost of operation.


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