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Affiliate Marketing Lessons - List Building

Jul 11th 2010 at 4:46 PM

By this point you should have already figured out your niche market. If not please review the post Affiliate Marketing Lessons - Finding Your Niche Market before to proceed.

Your next task will be to start building a list of prospects who will become potential customers. This is called list building.

Why List Building Is VITAL To Your Affiliate Marketing Business

I want to impress upon you how important it is for you to focus on building your list.

Your list is the life-blood of your business. Without it you will spend more time generating traffic than you will making money.

Think of it this way - do you want to work extremely hard to get somebody to buy your product, and then do that over and over again?

Or would you rather work extremely hard to get somebody on your list, and then sell them multiple products?

The obvious answer is the second one.

I HATE Traffic Generation!

While I am good at generating thousands of visitors to my websites every day, I don't enjoy it at all.

I would rather spend time working with clients and marketing my products and services.

You'll notice that I said I would rather market my products than generate traffic. That is because they are NOT one in the same!

Traffic Generation does NOT equal Affiliate Marketing!

While traffic generation is a vital component of affiliate marketing, it is not in and of itself all there is to do. And yet it is such a huge question amongst marketers.

If you could instead focus on what you are going to do with your traffic, and then second on how to get that traffic, you will increase your profits a hundredfold.

In other words:

"What you do with your website traffic is FAR more important than how much traffic you get."

Write that down. Memorize it. Let it become your mission statement.

While I will be teaching you how to generate lots of traffic to your websites, I do not want that to become your focus.

Instead I want to teach you how to work with the people who do visit your website.

Your first goal with any visitor MUST be to get them on your email list

Whether you are running affiliate sites, Adsense sites, product sites, or any other type of site, your first goal should be to get visitors to subscribe to your email list.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through squeeze pages.

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a very simple webpage that focuses on trying to capture the users name and email address (and sometimes more depending on your industry).

The purpose of a squeeze page is just to get your name and email address so that the author  can start to build a relationship with you.

Do you get the idea ?

Now that you know what a squeeze page is, you will need to create one yourself.

If you already know how to web design, then this should be pretty easy. Just find a template of a squeeze page that you like and imitate it.

Here are a few examples:

If you don't know how to web design you can always hire somebody else to do it for you.

The last option that you have is probably the easiest and simplest to do:

Build Your Squeeze Pages With

YourSqueezePage is a service that I offer to help those that don't know how to web design to create their own squeeze pages.

You can literally create a squeeze page in the matter of minutes even if you nothing about HTML, PHP, or web programming.

Check it out at

Until Next Time
Your Friend, Hector Jayat

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