Affiliate Marketing is the Easy Money Maker Online

Oct 12th 2010 at 6:14 PM

Affiliate marketing as used here is simply a product owner offering a product for sale, and then paying you (the affiliate) a commission on the direct, and sometimes 2nd-tier sales that you make. My definition only goes up to 2-tier because beyond that we get more into the realm of multi-level marketing where different regulatory rules apply.

Merchants like the model because it costs them nothing. They only pay for performance, so until an affiliate makes a sale, they have no costs! At the same time, it's assumed that the sales that the affiliates are making are sales in addition to the ones that the merchant would otherwise be making. The merchant hopes that the affiliates will be reaching customers that he wouldn't otherwise be reaching. Therefore using affiliates can only add to the merchant's bottom line.

Affiliates like the model because all they have to focus on is selling. They don't have to deal with inventory, shipping, customer service, complex paperwork, and all of the other traditional headaches of selling a product.

You, as an affiliate, can simply register for an affiliate program [http://www.getinstantpayments.com/members], retrieve your referral link, and start earning money by driving traffic to a sales page.

Most affiliate programs pay monthly, with some paying bi-monthly, but some even pay daily... or instantly. Several systems, developed over the past year or so, were designed specifically to facilitate instant payments to an affiliate's Paypal account. Cash-strapped affiliates LOVE these, and merchants love them because they make recruiting affiliates so easy.

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