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Adzly vs Adsense

Nov 29th 2010 at 7:22 PM




Adzly versus Adsense and others

If you have not heard of Google and Google Adsense, then you are probably living somewhere as a hermit, or you suffer from technophobia.

Google Adsense is the most popular contextual advertising on the internet. They have been around for some time and it is not likely that you can surf more than a few web sites without coming across Google Ads. However, they do have competition. Other advertising firms that I have used in recent years on my websites include AdBrite and Bidvertiser.

But, there is a new kid on the block! Its name is Adzly.

Adsense, Adbright, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Chitika, Adlandpro, Clicksor and the dozens of other firms in the market place don’t hold a candle to Adzly .

Adzly has been around only since the last week in November, 2010. But, it has gone viral, and we will all see much more of adzly in the coming months and years. Those astute business people among us will also profit significantly from adzly . Especially if they are among the “early birds” catching this “worm”.

Personally over the last few days in my spare time I have been reviewing my various websites and deleting all of my AdBrite and Bidvertiser advertisements. These have all been replaced with adzly ads. Last count I had placed adzly widgets on 67 different sites. I have over 200 primary domains registered, so I still have a way to go.

Why am I adzlyising all of my sites?

Because, adzly is a powerful marketing tool that allows me (and you, if you choose) to place thousands of targeted ads across thousands of websites …, all for free!

Not only will adzly effectively promote products and services that we have on offer, but it will also earn a significant income for us at the same time.

Here is how it works:

  • You create an adzly widget using adzly easy online interface.
  • You then place this widget on one or more of your websites.
  • If you prefer you can create different widgets for different websites. (this is my personal preference as it allows me to ascertain how each website is performing)
  • Every time someone opens your page where you have a widget, you earn credits.
  • Each widget that you place on a website has a link to your adzly account.
  • If someone sets up their own FREE adzly account from one of your links. You not only get credit from your widgets, but also from all the widgets they place on their sites.
  • The more credits you earn, the more opportunity you will have of getting your advertisements seen on websites which have some relation to the products and/or services you are marketing

All of this you can do without spending any money whatsoever!


Click on the banner above or any of the links in this article to set up your own adzly account.


Ian McKenzie

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Mar 11th 2011 at 5:22 PM by LonnieG
Thanks for helping to keep us on the leading edge, Ian. ~LonnieG
Jan 8th 2011 at 11:16 PM by timeout
Thanks for this informative post, I have a better understanding now,
Jan 8th 2011 at 11:03 PM by LeadMaster
Great article. Thanks!
Dec 30th 2010 at 4:12 PM by wendellbulbaai
Thanks Ian for reminding us how useful adzly really is. I am getting some amazing result using it on my sites.
Dec 30th 2010 at 5:50 AM by roosevans
Great article, Ian. Being on the ground floor of Adzly has lots of potential for traffic and income if we and others upgrade because there are referral commissions on Adzly!
Dec 30th 2010 at 4:31 AM by fredds
Its nice to know that all of us a imfaceplate who have activated and are using our adzly accounts are among the early birds with adzly, are onto a good thing and will in the future reap handsomely from it. Excellent article Ian.
Dec 9th 2010 at 4:46 AM by ianmck
I agree totally with your comments Bret. Thanks also schmity.
Dec 9th 2010 at 12:56 AM by thebananarepublican
One of the most beautiful things about adzly is that not only are we widget embedders reaping benefits from this ad system, but we are helping others at the same time. I don't believe the same can be said about adsense. Sure, I will confess I today sent an email to Google to get an old, and forgotten, account deleted so I can use adsense purely for Youtube. As far as my personal sites, it is a no-brainer: adzly. Me AND you benefit. That is the way I prefer. If I could use Adzly on Youtube, I would say, "See ya, Adsense." Hope your article wakes up those who don't see the benefits of this system. We are all in this marketing world together. Let's help each other and benefit from it at the same time. What else could be more perfect? Shalom [+]
Dec 5th 2010 at 8:48 PM by schmity58
Awesome article i opened a adzly account yesterday thanks for the article.

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