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Advice For Rough Times - How to Change Your Karma

Jun 14th 2015 at 7:08 PM

The EST guru, Werner Erhard, used to say jokingly, "Your karma is what happens to you and what happens to you is your karma." When things are going well for us,For China Winding Machine, we are the best Winding Machine suppliers,China Winding Machine suppliers and provide various kinds of Winding Machine products with the lowest price. that type of circular reasoning might be funny but when nothing works and it appears that the sky is about to fall on our head, nothing is funny. Least of all, jokes about karma. It has happened to the best of us. Dark periods when nothing works and worst of all, when we don't even know where to turn in order to change our luck, our karma or whatever you want to call it.For China Heat-seal Bottom Pasting Machines, we are the best Heat-seal Bottom Pasting Machine suppliChina Heat-seal Bottom Pasting Machines and provide various kinds of Heat-seal Bottom Pasting Machine products with the lowest price. That's usually the time when fear shows its ugly head and cold chills start running in the back of our neck. Something needs to be done but we just don't know what.

When that happens, it's time to change our pattern of thinking. As Albert Einstein so aptly said, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." When loom and doom gloom it's time for a shift of paradigm. The focus must leave the outward circumstances and turn toward ourselves because we are the source and the generator of those unwanted circumstances. We must accept responsibility for whatever is happening to us.Are you still searching for Cutting Machine manufacturers or Sewing Machine factories? China Cutting & Sewing Machine We provide China’s best Cutting & Sewing Machine for customers all over the world. Not an easy thing to do. There are thousands of excuses that we could use to explain our dilemma but those are useless and there is no way that they could help us turn the situation around. It is only be accepting responsibility for a situation that we can change that condition.

Accepting responsibility is not an easy thing to do. The reason for that is that responsibility seems to imply culpability also. This should not be the case. If we take a bad decision and things go sour, we are responsible for that decision but there is absolutely no culpability involved. We did the best that we could with the available information. Our judgment may have been faulty but that is not a reason to feel guilty about it. We are the source and we are the generator of whatever happens in our life. Bad things do happen and when they do, we are left with two choices. We can blame outside circumstance, have the satisfaction of having been victimized by circumstances and go on with our sorry life. Or we can take responsibility, learn from what has happened, look inside of us to see what it is that we could do to help the situation and grow in the process.

Taking the responsibility stance is the strong and mature thing to do. It puts us in the driver's seat and gives us the feeling of being in control of our life. No time is wasted and lost on futile recrimination.For China Printing Machine, we are the best Printing Machine suppliers,China Printing Machine suppliers and provide various kinds of Printing Machine products with the lowest price. We are the Captain of our ship and the Master of our soul. Not some poor helpless victim who has been unfairly treated by life or the Universe. Great men and women always took personal responsibility for whatever happened under their watch.As one of the best china Plastic Machinery companies,Auxiliary Equipment suppliers we are also Auxiliary Equipment suppliers and supply kinds of pp woven bags machine from china. It would have been easy for them to shift the blame for failure to someone else. The reason that they did not is not the fact that noblesse oblige. It is because they understood that when you're a leader, you take responsibility when things go wrong and you credit others for the successes.

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