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3 years ago

Advertising That Pays

Jul 2nd 2010 at 12:47 PM

By making just a one time payment and getting a starter package
at SuccessQuik, you can set up a system that can earn you a
substantial amount of residual income AND advertising for your
main program over time!

With your 1 time $10(plus fees) payment you are going to get

15,000 Advertising Credits which you can use for
this kind of advertising:
Guaranteed Visitors
Top Sponsor Ads
Banner Ads
Text Ads

To see where your advertising is going to be shown visit:

I have made at least one sale from this advertising that I know of
earning me $17 profit.

Your ads will be seen by over 20,000 marketers and on 150+ sites.

As you can see, this is something that EVERY Marketer
online needs as everyone needs to advertise their websites.
The 15,000 credits by themselves are well worth the
ONE TIME $10 investment!

Along with the credits, you are also going to get a position in
a 2x2 forced matrix!

By sending just 2 people to this system that purchase the $10
starter package and then teaching them to do the same you are
going to fill your FIRST 2x2 and be rewarded with the following:
A position in a new 2x2 under your sponsor
9950 More Ad Credits

You now take this $24.95 that you earned and purchase a
$24.95 package which will give you 24,950 Ad Credits and a
position in a separate 2x2 under your sponsor. As you and
your referrals continue promoting this system your referrals
will start to cycle in their $10 2x2 and will join your $24.95
2x2 under you when they do. Once you fill your $24.95 2x2
here is what you are going to get:

A position in a new 2x2 under your sponsor
24,950 Ad Credits

Remember, this is all from a tiny ONE TIME payment of $10!
Now you have $59 in your account, you have over 50,000
ad credits and 2 2x2 matrixes that you can earn more from.

The next step in this system is to join ResidualQuik from your
earnings. This is a simple process and is going to put you on the
fast track to earning a RESIDUAL INCOME. For those that are not
familiar with the term residual this means income that comes in
month after month! Simply withdrawal your earnings from SQ to
Alertpay and then upgrade at ResidualQuik ($24.95 a Month)

The residual program only costs $24.95 a month so with your
$59 you earned you will have enough to pay for at least 2
months here. Here is what you are going to get with your
first $24.95 payment which is all from your original
ONE TIME $10 payment so you are not spending any
additional cash out of pocket:

30,000 Ad Points

Plus Over $150 In Bonus Advertising:
2500 Credits at ListSurfer (value $31.00)
100,000 Sokule Credits (value $77)
2000 ViralAdStore Credits (value $24.95)
3,000 banners and text ads at ViralURL (value $17.95)
Special Offer from FaithfullHits (value $24.95)
Position in a 3x15 FORCED Matrix

This is where the BIG money comes into play! With just 3 people
on your first level, this program becomes free for life as long as
they remain active. When you get 3 direct referrals over time
following this system you will also start to receive positions in
the commission doubler program that  that give you another
way to earn!

The payplan for this program is amazing and has many factors
so I won't explain everything here.

If you stick with this system and commit yourself to it there is no
reason you can't make $5000 or more a month in time and it all
starts with the one time $10 payment!

If you have not joined SuccessQuik and/or ResidualQuik yet the links
are : for Success Quik and  for Residual Quik

Any Questions Contact me, Rodney at 614-704-4774,, skype: djsilkysmooth

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Aug 23rd 2010 at 12:30 PM by weedermann
Is a FINE, informative article and I'll be looking into SuccessQuik, Rodney--when I have a few extra dollars I can afford to not see a return on for a while. So far the too-regular action of "wallet from pocket and back again" to fund this or that has left wear marks. Still waiting for the profits to begin. :)
Jul 29th 2010 at 7:50 AM by haroon132
Nice Article Rodney and Nice Advertising Plan I'll check it out Thanks for letting us know about it.

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