Advantages of Web Marketing for Increased Income

Aug 28th 2010 at 2:56 AM
The new rules of web marketing clearly put traditional marketing into the museum. Well, maybe not the museum, but the new rules of web marketing squeeze your dollar, increase niche product revenue, and introduce your product to more buyers than ever before.

For many companies and industries, traditional advertising methods can waste money, while smaller amounts can have a more critical impact on a person-to-person level. With brands now using creative web marketing to up awareness about products, traditional advertising may seem like a dinosaur. Instead of wasting your money on one single shot, you can spread your marketing across more than magazines and TV: you can use banner ads, blogging, social marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

Prior to web marketing, all businesses had was expensive advertising aimed at large segments who don’t care about the product and third party responses from the media. Now, you can direct web readers to literally hundreds if not thousands of your ads over the course of a year. The old axiom, a buyer needs to see your pitch several times, is only more proof on why web marketing should be used. If you just present your product once, your chances of selling are low. If you have several opportunities, the buyer at the least will notice your brand and at the most, decide to buy.

Web marketing does many things, but clearly being able to reach your specific target at just the right moment is key.

They may see your blog, your blog comments, your banner ads, your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Myspace pages. They may find articles published on your company website while searching for new products. This array of exposure is much better than traditional print and TV marketing.

What was the old way of traditional marketing like?

Marketing was confined to advertising and branding
Advertising had to pander to the masses instead of niche groups
Advertising was focused on selling products
Advertising and PR had no relationship

The new web marketing has clear advantages, namely in who you’re reaching out to, how you reach out to them, and when you reach out.

New web marketing creates brands, but more so, it focuses on niche groups. Here are a few of the movements in web marketing.

Facebook has taken the world by storm, with user-friendly applications designed initially for conversation, but which soon became business portals for niche groups. You might not be interested in this group focused on cooking, but the other group on farming sounds interesting.

Twitter is a second to Facebook, but with the potential to reach new niche audiences in one clear manner cannot be undervalued. While Twitter is small, it’s fast becoming a web marketing kingpin.

Blogs are more than a public relations portal. They build brands, get unique readers, and create interest via search engines to other unique niche buyers. Just like you’d hire someone to ghost write an article for you in a B2B magazine to get buzz for your name and business, you can do that and more with a updated and optimized blog. The usability of blogs make it simple for anyone to start one up, hosted or not.

We’re not saying in with the new and out with the old completely. Traditional advertising still has its place and will continue to offer valuable venues for distributing your marketing message. However, advertisers need to keep up with their target audience, and for most companies that requires going online.
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