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AdRevWorld Review

May 20th 2013 at 4:44 PM

My review of the new AdRevWorld income program.  It is another copy-cat banner advertising income program a lot like United PaycheckHourlyRevShare, and AdHitProfits. The AdRevWorld URL "" is shown as owned by Wealth4AllTeam, Inc., with the administrative contact as Danny Cianciulli, was registered on April 4th, 2013, and expires on April 4th, 2014.

If the AdRevWorld owner Wealth4AllTeam and administrative contact name Danny Cianciulli sounds familiar it is because I have both blogged and joined several of their online programs before.  Including the first Wealth4All program (which launched in Nov. 2011 & failed in Sept. 2012), the Wealth4AllTeam program (which launched in Jan. 2013 & failed in March 2013) and the Primus Hub program (which launched in Nov. 2012 and is still online, however has all but flopped since launch).  A email was sent out to Wealth4AllTeam affiliates that informed them that as a result of an unnamed “outside consultant had literally stole most of the money that was being used for investments, that the Wealth4AllTeam would wait for September, 2013 to reorganize.  Yet here they have started another MLM online opportunity program.

adrevworld-logoHow AdRevWorld Works ---  You can join for free, however affiliates must either purchase ad-packs (ARW Packs) at a cost of $5 each or recruit new affiliates who will purchase them.  Bundled with each ad-pack (ARW Pack) are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the AdRevWorld website and to affiliates.  Also affiliates must view 10 website ads a day to qualify for commissions.

It offers the following three as plans:
Bronze ($5 – $100 investment) – 125% ROI
Silver – $101 – $1000 investment) – 135% ROI
Gold ($1001 – $100,000 investment) – 150% ROI

AdRevWorld did not provide how long it will take for affiliates to receive their ROI, but do state that revenues come from: ARW Packs, Premium Web Site Ads, and Banner Ads.  The program offers a 7% referral commission from purchased ad-pack's from direct affiliates.  All payments and withdraws are through STP.

My Option.....  The fact that I have join and invested in the original Wealth4All, Primus Hub, and new Wealth4AllTeam programs, and though it is true I have been refunded my original investment in both Wealth4All and Wealth4AllTeam.  I am now "soured" with Danny Cianciulli & Wealth4All as AdRevWorld marks the fourth attempt at an MLM program in the last two years launch by them.

I just cannot keep investing money and time into their newest and greatest MLM program.  In fact of the original $125 investment in in Wealth4All (over a year ago) I now have only $72, when you take out all the in-and-out eWallet costs, and I am in online marketing to make money, not lose it.

The fact that AdRevWorld is again setup just like the first three programs, in that all earnings are paid out at a rate dependent on the amount of new affiliate funds coming into the program, has shown to not work the first three times, why should I believe that it will work this time?

And it’s worth noting that the new AdRevWorld URL was registered 18 days before the company made it’s Wealth4AllTeam “no payments till September 2013″ announcement which indicates that, despite telling affiliates "a consultant had run off with their money", they were already underway in launching yet another MLM program.

And finally I consider this new program just another copy-cat banner advertising income program like United Paycheck, HourlyRevShare (which stop paying weeks ago), and AdHitProfits.  The only banner advertising program that has ever made me any money consistently has been BannersBroker (the original banner ad income program).  So why would I want to put money into one of these so called copy-cats, when I could just put it into a stable, 4 year old business like BannersBroker?

Just My Option,
Philip Reitcheck

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