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Add $50 to $150 To Each Sale You make

Sep 23rd 2010 at 2:01 AM

Add $50 to $150 To Each Sale You Make

Most people who join affiliate programs will make sales if they persist for at least 6 Months.

The most important area of internet marketing is to make your purchasers happy,

If you are a true internet marketer you will have programs where you can build multi level downlines and connect with the people who purchase your products and services.

This will enable you to assist them promote and get traffic to the programs you have singed them oboard to.

In many cases I earn extra income by showing my downline how to get good cheap web hosting. Hosting whicht allows them to easily creat their own sales and traffic building web pages. Below is an article I use to do this

Get Good Web Hosting Free

Become An Affiliate Free And Earn Income

This is important; If your intention is to eventually earn good income online and make online affiliate marketing your full time career, then you must own your own web pages. You must learn to promote and build web page traffic and control your own web site visitors. You should do this by sending any of your prospective clients and site visitors to your affiliate sales pages through your own web sites or doorway web pages.

Forget all about what guru's on online companies tell you.

If you promote your own doorway pages to the opportunities which you join, you will control your own web page traffic. Web site traffic is worth money to you. This is why; .. If any opportunity you join does not work out or fails, you can just redirect the traffic to your new opportunity. I would not advise you to use short url services. If the short url service disappears one day you loose all the traffic to your opportunities that you worked so hard to build up over the years.

Having you own web hosting is a major part of being successful online. Eventually learning to make you own web pages will save you big money.

Today you can get domain names free with good web hosting. At good web hosting companies the hosting packages are cheap and you get plenty of bandwidth so you can drive high volume traffic to your web pages at no additional cost. Volume web page traffic is all you need to make sales online. It is the cheapest form of ongoing advertising you can get online. In time, you could create hundreds or even thousands of pages driving traffic to your opportunities. This is what the top online marketers do but don't tell you about.

I use and recommend IX Web Hosting. The hosting is great, reliable and Ix Web Hosting has great 24hour 7 day support. Ix Web Hosting also have a great affiliate program. After getting your hosting account, you can learn how to use all the features including an excellent internal web page builder. This bweb page building system has a great variety of templates so you can choose one and make you own multi page web sites. You don't even have to learn html web page language to use this option.

Once you are experienced at using the internal web page builder, I suggest you become an IxWebHosting affiliate. You can then promote Ix Web Hosting, earn excellent commissions and this way you can pay for all your hosting just by signing one or two friends or site visitors a year.

Why Not Start To_Day?

You can make your own web pages free in your web hoisting control panel .... No experience needed.

FREE Domain Names Included; Get Your Own Web Hosting With Unlimited Sub Domains

Great value powerful hosting $3.95 Month or $47.40 a year.

or Multi Domain Name E-Commerce Hosting On Special NOW $7.95 Month or $95.40 Year

Note if you really need to purchase country specific domain names , name not available free with web hosting see below. Check if your domain name is available and purchase/ buy it online now. You can then transfer the domain name to your own web hosting company


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Check if the domain name you are seeking is available above. Buy, Purchase or find and register your own .com .net .org .biz .info .org .uk .me .uk .us .ca .tv .cc .be .it .nl .de .ru web domain name or names here.

Buy Your Own Country Specific Domain Names


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Learn To Make Your Own Web Pages With HTML

HTML is web page language find out how to create web pages with simple to understand lessons. Meet Joe Burns at Start at... The Basics If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start. Read Primer Lessons Here Introduction Missing From Previous Link Print and read primers one by one is best way to learn HTML

Another option W3org Click Here or Ask Joe Burns Questions HTML or ASP Forum Click Here

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