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AdClick Xpress Review

Jul 30th 2013 at 3:29 PM

My review of the AdClick Xpress (ACX) HYIP program.  The program is a "passive" online cash-back advertising program and is owned & founded by Frederick Mann.  Its URL is "", was created on April 5th, 2013 and has its servers in Burlington, MA, USA.  The URL registrant was Donald Glanville, 8902 E Via Linda 110-101, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

Some history on Frederick Mann.  He is listed as the founder of  JustBeenPaid, which was morphed into ProfitClicking in 2012, which was then morphed into AdClick Xpress (ACX) on June 18th, 2013.  Now his Click Paid program is also being morphed into AdClick Xpress (ACX) as of August 2013.  But it seems that the deeper that I  research all the above mentioned programs, I find the following names again and again:  HJ Dockstader, Joe Read, JJ Ulrich, and Jardine Law Offices (all know to have connections to many different Ponzi scheme's).  Mann was also the former pitchman for the AdSurfDaily program (shut down by the Fed's in 2008 as a Ponzi scheme).  He has also appeared to have been a affiliate in Idenics and ZeekRewards.

How Does AdClick Xpress (ACX) Work? There are two membership levels, Free and Silver.  Silver has a monthly membership cost of  $10.  Members (both Free and Silver) purchase $10 Ad Packages that qualified members earn 20 cents per day (Mon. through Fri.) and 10 cents per day on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).  Members earn on each ad package, until they reach a maximum of $15 ROI and they then expire.  Members are allowed to purchase a maximum of 25,000 ad packages.

To qualify for daily ROI payments, members must view other members ads (between 1 to 20 per day depending on the number of active Ad Packages a member has).

Silver level members also receive one Ad Panel for every 4 Ad Packages (AP's) that expire. Each Ad Package has six positions, that once filled, can pay members a commission of up to $60.  Silver level members can also purchase additional Ad Panels for $20 each, up to a maximum of 100 per day, and a overall maximum of 5,000.

Members are paid a 10% commission for new level 1 referral Ad Package purchases and 5% commission for level 1 referral repurchases of Ad Packages.   A 5% commission for new level 2 referral Ad Package purchases and 2.5% commission for level 2 referral repurchases of Ad Packages.

All deposits and withdraws are by either Payza, Egopay, SolidTrustPay, OKPAY, and Perfect Money. 

If all this sounds very familiar, you must have been involved with JustBeenPaid or ProfitClicking or Click Paid, as AdClick Xpress (ACX) is just another re-boot "clone" of all these other past Frederick Mann programs.

My Opinion..... After joining Frederick Mann's JustBeenPaid and investing $200 back in May 2012, then riding out the change over to ProfitClicking in Oct. 2012, now the transfer to the AdClick Xpress program in May 2013, I must state from my own personal experience that it has been "NOTHING BUT A COMPLETE SCAM".  Starting with Frederick Mann's lies about SELLING the old JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking.  As I found out that he never did sell JustBeenPaid, but only changed the name and website.

Then his lies about TAKING OVER ProfitClicking, promising to allow past affiliates to be able to withdraw their earnings.  Nobody got to withdraw their past earnings, as it was put it into a account that can only be used to either purchase "worthless" banner advertising or combined with "new" investment money at a rate of 20% old to 80% new money, just to purchase new Ad Panels (in other words making all previous affiliates invest more money and start all over again). 

With the morphing of his Click Paid program into AdClick Xpress (ACX) is there any doubt that he will not pull the same STUNT he did with all the ProfitClicking affiliates?  You can lay odds he will.

Now some of you might feel that since I have been personally "scammed" by Frederick Mann's MLM programs, that my opinion is slanted against all his programs and maybe this is true.  But I can tell you that I am not the only one that shares this opinion about Frederick Mann.   Just Google "AdClick Xpress review" and you will find page after page of other marketers with the same opinion as me.

There is NO DOUBT that Frederick Mann is quickly becoming the "king" of Ponzi scheme's.  He starts one Ponzi scheme (JustBeenPaid), when it starts to run out of money he just renames it and creates a new Ponzi scheme (ProfitClicking), writes off the old affiliate debit by forcing affiliates to invest new money in the new Ponzi scheme, and when it starts to run out of money, he does it all over again (AdClick Xpress). 

The only question now is WHEN will a US government agency finally catch up with him and lock him & his partners away?

My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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