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Ad Networks...are you missing something?

Sep 15th 2010 at 5:44 PM


Aaah, Ad Networks...mmm...Google's AdSense, right?

Wrong. Who needs anything from Google anyway...well, apart from Chrome and Chrome OS...some other time...

I know there's people that actually do enjoy spending (or wasting) their days off their real work surfing TE's, to get credits to advertise their programs. Some others complain about how long it takes to reach minimum to advertise on certain PTC's. Others like to use free ad forums and such...

Is it really that funny to be jumping from tab to tab, clickin' like mad? Ok, i must admit it's where you find the most motivated referrals, but...aww, cmon, unless you actually OWN a TE or PTC, you can't be serious on making real money out of it. Besides, the time wasted clickin' around vs the return...gotta be kiddin'. Not to mention that very rarely you get a sale...referrals, yeah, you do get them, if you're fast enough to put your ad up before someone else does. Or, you bought advertising. Let's say...2 bucks for 1000 views from people that are doing clicks from 5-10 PTCs at the same time? And how many hours would you need in "vegetatingultrafastsuperclicker" mode, for a 1000 views from people that are on the same mode as you? Very, very rewarding. Indeed...

1000 will view that ad, they actually click on it...they have to. Most of them just want the credit from the ad, so screw whatever you're promoting, hell, the vast majority are already affiliated with it anyway! You know i'm all up for lazy and i agree that spending 2 bucks for 1000 views is lazy...but unless i'm promoting a free pre-launch, meaning no one needs to give a dime to start using it, it's just plain retarded. And there is a difference between being lazy and being retarded.

Compare the above with:

Clickbank> MarketPlace> "Teeth Whitening" product> Get HopLink> Choose AdNetwork> Waste (ahahah) $10> Watch por...uh, tv...

We're talking about PPC campaigns. Pay per Click. Let's say i pay $0.02, from those $10,  per click i get on my ad. Got a calculator handy?

Start> All Programs> Accessories> Calculator (assuming you use Windows whatever)

Did you get a 500? Good, it means that, on that $10 campaign, 500 people that saw the ad actually got curious with it and clicked on it. Thousands would see the ad, but if they don't click it, i don't pay...and that's the beauty of PPC. From the 500 that clicked the ad, if one buys the product, i'm already in profit. Beauty of CB's commissions. An ad can last for weeks, until i receive all the clicks i paid for. This is being lazy...

Buyin' "Views" or "Page Impressions" ain't the same as buyin' "Clicks".

Another killer aspect of Ad Networks is diversity. All i see in TE's, Safelists, PTC's is the next big things in online money making. Waaaa, gonna make millions. For real, buy now, you will never see this page again...well, till the next time you login. It's just...nevermind. By diversity i mean that that Teeth Whitening ad will be shown to all kinds of people, on all sorts of websites. There is no need for keywords guru crap. A person lookin' for a recipe for tonights dinner might see your ad about how you got billionaire overnight and you can help everyone be too (if they buy your $799 course, which today, miraculously, is only $79), get curious, forget about the recipe, and enroll/buy/join. It's the being there, everywhere, not just on the "online money making little internet corner". You can recruit in TE, PTC or SL, but unfortunately, you can't sell enough to set yourself free, if you know what i mean.

Something else that might help you understand all this non-sense i'm on about, is that Ad Networks are similar to PTC. In PTC there's the "clickers" and the "advertisers". In ANs there's the "publishers" and the "advertisers". Publishers have a website, or blog, and rent advertising space, either it be banner, text or even those "peel off" ads you see sometimes on the top right of the webpage. Now, the advertiser can either a) advertise on a specific website, or b) advertise on the whole network. While a publisher is waiting for someone to rent his advertising space, the AN fills those "empty spaces" with the Network Ads. And yes, the publisher also gets paid per click.

Whenever you're ready, consider:

AdBrite - 110.000 websites...meeh

AdHitz - by Clixsense

If you think you got a proper website/blog, contact Tribal Fusion, Burst Media, really have to contact them, there is no "Join Today!" button anywhere. Go pro, don't be shy!

You can go watch your favorite soap opera now...


"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing."

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Jul 19th 2016 at 1:48 AM by Dugl
I've never bought anything. I know that you can't buy customer trust or engagement. As a professional term paper writer who works for, I always see to it that my clients are satisfied.

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