Action Speaks Louder than Talk

Jul 26th 2010 at 9:21 AM

Maybe this is you... "I'm going to be a millionaire! I am going to work hard, and smart, and find that ONE business where I can make it BIG!"

Maybe that's Positive Self-talk for you, but I think it's just talk.

The problem with positive thinking and positive affirmations is that talking is just flapping of the jaws - chin music. It might align the univers with you, but until something actually appears in your bank account, nothing has been done.

ACTION! The movie director knows that all the rehersals and coaching means nothing until there is Action! Action puts the movie on film. Action gives something to work with. Rehersals just tke time.

True, Rehersals prepare you for the real thing. I call it "loading your lips." That means that you thinnk through how you will act and react to situations and circumstances.

I recall the Sherlock Holms character Robert Downey played this year. As he approached a fight, he rehearsed, in his mind, the hits and parries he would use to incapacitate his opponent. it all looked good on the screen as his slow-motion encoutner played out. But, until he actually engaged his opponent, it was simply theatrics.

Now, I've been a positive thinker for over 50 years. I truly believe that your attitude indicates your altitude. If you mentally five up before attempting anything, you simply won't attempt.

I'm advocating that your positive self-talk have a calendar in mind. "I will begin - NOW!" Get up off your dream couch, and pick up your tool kit. Open that book and understand that first step is to ACT.

Go DO something! You'll like the results.

John L


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Nov 30th 2010 at 3:24 PM by drkelp
Absolutely, turn the dream into action.

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