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According to correct selection of output power and laser lens degree

Dec 29th 2015 at 2:47 AM
According to correct selection of output power and laser lens degree

This month, the Force awakens in theaters. Next month, a new force awakens in the New Mexico desert, where the Defense Department is to start testing a weapon worthy of “Star Wars” — a silent, invisible laser that needs just a couple of seconds to burn a hole in targets miles away.

“What it really boils down to is a silent weapon that nobody sees or hears,” said Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, commander of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC, pronounced “AFF-sock”).

Heithold is eager to put a laser cannon on four or five of AFSOC’s three dozen or so AC-130 gunships. AC-130s are typically used to cover special operations troops on nighttime missions.

“I think we can do this now,” Heithold said of the laser weapon. “When I say now, I’m talking about by the close of the decade.”

Low-power lasers are a major part of modern life, using helium and neon gas to generate harmless light beams that do everything from scanning bar codes to changing TV channels to providing lecturers with handy pointers.
Higher-power lasers are used for everything from eye surgery to drilling precision holes in diamonds and steel, and those can damage a person’s eyesight or cause other injury.
There have been convictions since the “distract or dazzle” law was introduced in 2010 but it is a lesser offence and the small fines are seen by Balpa as “slaps on the wrist”. In contrast, the FBI takes the issue so seriously it has a dedicated team within its violent crimes unit. Simply aiming a laser at a plane in the US carries a five-year jail term. A California man was jailed for 14 years in March for pointing a powerful beam at two helicopters.

When green reference line targeting is pointed on different working surface, it should have to be workable for various working environments. 520nm green line laser module gets wide output power level of 5mW to 30mW. Besides formal lighting working occasions, high power 30mW green laser line generator is always workable for quite long work distance and sunlight working fields. At the same time, high power laser line also selects higher operating voltage of 8.4V DC input power supply. Whatever kind of output power is selected, users should try to make correct selection of operating voltage, thus always getting bright and visible enough green reference line targeting efficiently.


No matter what kind of working environments users are making line generation with high brightness 520nm green line laser module, users should pay high attention to surrounding occasions. According to correct selection of output power and laser lens degree, green alignment laser line can easily reach any vertical or horizontal working surfaces. When properly adjustment and installation of green laser module is operated, users can easily get the most satisfied line aligning efficiently.

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