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Academy of Online Success Update

May 20th 2013 at 7:16 PM

Here is my update of the new Academy of Online Success (AOS) market training and income program that launched and I joined, two months ago.

What is the Academy of Online Success (AOS) AOS is designed for online marketing "newbies" as well as long time online marketing pros.  It is billed as an online community that teaches anyone (including "newbies") who seriously wants to learn how to operate and manage a online business. Upon learning the  marketing strategies, you can then use them to promote any business, online or offline, as well as the Academy of Online Success (AOS) income program itself.

How Does the Academy of Online Success (AOS) Work? If you are a fan of the Empower Network training program (which I am not) then you will just "love" this training program.  First you join at a cost of $25 per month to get your basic marketing training,  But like Empower Network, if you want to be able to make money from your referrals then you will have to also pay another $19.95 monthly to upgrade to the "Marketers Vault" (now you are up to $44.95 a month cost). 

Then like Empower Network you are offered to join the "30 Day Income Challenge" for another $100 per month.  If you decide to purchase the "30 Day Income Challenge" you will then be offered a personal course for an additional $500 by program owner Paul Birdsall.

Also like Empower Network you receive 100% of the money that your referrals pay in per month (if you join the "Marketers Vault") on the 1st sale, 3rd sale, and 5th sale on up.  However, you pass up your referral commissions that you have earned for your 2nd and 4th referral that you sign up.  These commissions are given to your sponsor.

What I Like? The all in one box income program including SEO keyword training, capture pages, auto-responder training, and marketing training.  The 100% pass up of new referral monthly purchases and easy easy set up.  Plus that fact that I have been in other online training programs, most with less that a 1/3 of the marketing training that AOS is offering, that cost me anywhere from $50 a month to $8,000.  And many of these are offered by just one marketing guru and not the five multimillionaire online marketing guru's you get from the AOS program.

What I Do Not Like? The EXACT same things that I did not like about the Empower Network training program.  Like the automatic up selling of the more expensive training (example- a Internet "newbie" could end up paying out as much as $144.95 a month, plus another $500.00) for a training program, without even knowing that this program does requires a lot of learning, work, and signing up referrals to earn money.  Also the fact the you lose some of your earned commissions to your up line (sponsor).

I also do not like the fact that the GetResponse auto-responder program used in AOS is not tied to you, meaning you lose a good source of commission income from sign ups to the GetResponse program.   That was one of the things that I liked about the MyPIP and  MyPIP Challenge programs.  Also the fact that the AOS capture page is not tied to the GetResponse auto-responder, but that you have to create your own  auto-responder capture page.

My Opinion. If you are willing to take the time to LEARN the marketing system and put what you have learned to WORK in your advertising, then I see NO reason that you can not make money with this program. On the other hand, if you are not willing or do not have the time to do the WORK to build this type of business then you will probability find it very hard to make any money with AOS. But this can be said about ANY online "box" Internet training income program, not just AOS and Empower Network.  NO TIME, NO WORK, NO INCOME!!!

I have been a paid pro member ($49 a month) of Paul Birdsall's older online marketing training program My Partner In Profit (MyPIP) for that last 2 years, but I have canceled my membership to MyPIP, as I thought the new AOS program would be cheaper and it is at $44.95, compared to $49 per month.  But with the lost of the GetResponse and other program sign up referral commissions, I now feel that MyPIP was a better program.

Now even though I do not like the new Academy of Online Success program structure, I still plan on continue to be a paying member just for the advanced training.  But I cannot recommend the Academy of Online Success program to online "newbies", for the same reasons I could not recommend the Empower Network program.

My suggestion for "newbies" wanting to both learn to market online and make money online is to join the older FREE online marketing training programs like MyPIP (My Partner In Profit) or MyPIP Challenge.  This way you can learn a little about the different types of online marketing like auto-responders, classified ads, safelists, traffic exchanges, article writing, blogging, videos, PPC ads, and even SEO keywords for free first.  This will also help you decide if you do have the TIME and/or DESIRE to do this kind of online marketing, without having to spend a lot of money by joining an advanced training program like Academy of Online Success.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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