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Aug 1st 2010 at 12:35 PM


Hello Everyone,

My Name is Ted, you might have seen me around these parts with my full nameTheodore M. Sawyer or you might have seen my site if not, possibly if so then your here cause you want to know more about me! WOOHOO! So lets get going here... Born and raised in Minnesota, I'm a Midwest boy. I like my outdoors, I enjoy fishing, sailing, skiing, camping and probably much more though I don't get out and do much of these since I grew up and had to get a job. I shall return my outdoors activities, I shall return! Most of this stuff I did as a kid, like I said I'm from Minnesota, there is practically a lake outside every door. Beyond the outdoors, Im a geek I like my computers, and techy stuff. I enjoy Sci-fi and fantasy and grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons or many other types of "geek" games. Then Came video games. I wont get into that other then thats what drove my interest in computers, I took many computer classes in H.S. After Highschool I moved to Madison, WI. I joined my older brother who had already moved down here a couple years prior and loved it. SO I joined him. I tried playing around with going to school for programming though the industry was right in the middle of a transition from the old command line to the new GUI. IF you don't recognize those terms don't worry, its ok. But you can ask me about it later. So I got a job in retail, and worked my way up fast. I was an assistant manager at 19, and have been in retail management since. Though in the last 4 years the company I work for has a sales side to it as well, Interesting I know, right? LOL Why is that interesting? Well beyond being a retail manager, I am also an entrepreneur at heart and in my blood. I have played with MLM, or Direct sales, Network marketing since I was well 19. I've never been good at it. Though I have learned alot of what I am not interesting in doing. In the meantime I also went to school, YAY! For recording engineering, because I had found an interest in playing guitar in a band and thought it would be useful. It turned out, I'm not a take the Stage kind of guy, and as a matter of fact most anything I try to say or do in the spot light becomes well mumbled and fumbled. But, Thats okay! Because School was still useful, though I had also figured out I didn't care much for being a sound engineer.. Oh no you say? I say ah yes, after really thinking about it I am not a sound engineer maybe as a hobby. So now what? School for me was awesome for one reason, and well worth every penny! That's where I met my Wife! Now of 7 years! and we have been together for 10! Crazy I know these days? She Rocks, and I mean that in every way, she really does. She's aDrummer in multiple bands, ask me about it some time.. since I am getting to feel a little long winded here. I'll just say this, SHE ROCKS! m/ WOOHOO! Also in those past 10 years I also picked up the martial arts another child hood interest that has come full circle and a part of my life everyday as much of it as I can make that way. The martial arts brought me to the understanding of myself and my beliefs. I trained internal Chinese Martial arts for 7+ years, BaguaXingyi feel free to ask me about that as well anytime. Wow lots of 7's showing up in my history. Really? Seven? why is that interesting, well under a coincidence or two not so much but after this next list you see why its an interest to me.
  • Born in 77
  • 7 years younger then my older brother
  • 7 Years older then a younger sibling
  • Wrestled in my youth for a total of 7 years.
  • I studied the martial arts under an instructor for 7 years.
  • Married for 7 years this year. though this will be a much larger number in time to come.
Though I could just be looking for the sevens in my life :) The Chinese Philosophy I came to understand through the martial arts brought me to my path. You've heard me talk about walking in harmony, and if you haven't you will. This I found has become my motto, and I fully embrace it. If you want to know more about my beliefs, and spirituality you'll have to talk to me, and walk with me for an explanation. So. where does that leave me, Married to a wonderful rockstar wife, bored of working in retail excited about working on the internet so that I can enjoy all the things I cant do without the time to do them. So being an entrepreneur by heart I started listening to myself and said "hey, I can write websites, So why cant I be on the internet making money?" Ive been surfing around learning since the beginning of this year fully engaged on making it happen and not giving up on this. While Surfing I met Ernie Pinard, who has now introduced me to many great people beyond himself who think very interesting the same as myself. So Here I am Ready to use all my skill's to make some results happen! For All of you, and myself! Walking the walk and talking the talk, its all about helping others achieve what you yourself would like to achieve., Lets get it done! CuzTedsays! That me in a nutshell, and I am here for you!


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