A ton of Fun Stuff to do in One Piece Online

Mar 26th 2015 at 1:44 AM

The game does a great job of letting beginners know what they need to do while keeping it brief so that hardcore gamers are not annoyed by the tutorials. The storyline of One Piece Online makes it crucial to talk to everyone you meet within the adventure, because you can get vital information for your next adventure from NPCs within the game. Destinations that you need to reach are marked with a red flag on the map and will advance the story once you arrive at them. This means make sure that you are ready for the next segment before you decide to venture to your final destination point!


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The SP gauge will raise as you attack enemies and take damage from their strikes in order to fill the bar up to perform special attacks. While the first mission in the campaign is an easy one which is to beat up some thugs and get to the inn, players can expect more advanced enemies and missions as the game progresses. In order to save your progress, you can rest at the Inn and after your first save then the adventure begins with Pato telling you that your whole team has been captured and took to the other side of the island. One Piece Online features a series of goals that you must complete and you will earn trophies throughout your completion of certain ones such as completing the "Prologue. "

The characters of the Straw Hat Crew have some particularly fascinating moves that can be utilized with great success throughout your adventures such as Luffy's Gum Gum Rocket that allows him to use his stretchy arms to fly across the map which makes traveling to your destination that much easier. Players will have to talk and complete certain actions in order to proceed to the next step in the story and as you battle more enemies then you will need to keep an eye on your HP & SP gauges. The green HP gauge is your health while the SP gauge is your current spirit. If your health is almost depleted then it will flash a bright red and if it gets to zero then you will be knocked out.

There is a ton of fun stuff to do in One Piece Online besides saving your friends, taking down the bad guys and completing quests such as the ability to expand the town and complete addictive mini-games. Players will be able to go fishing, catch bugs and even battle with their best buds in local multiplayer matches. However, the ability to explore the world as you wish and mastering a wide variety of combos really adds endless playability to the new release.

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