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3 months ago

A Successful Business And Happy Marriage - When Your Spouse Doesn't Believe In Network Marketing (Part 2)

Jan 11th 2012 at 5:01 AM

As promised here is part two of my post from yesterday. If you haven't read part one, you can read it now by clicking the link below:

A Successful Business And Happy Marriage: When your spouse doesn't believe in network marketing (Part 1)

Now to conclude this segment, it is my goal to give you information that will help you and your spouse have a happy marriage and a successful business.

The only way to do this is for both of you to come to a mutual agreement that you both can live with and make it work because you love each other.

Another thing to remember, you must realize that you both love each other and that God wants you to stay together forever. You took your vows and this is very serious with God. God will bless your efforts to stay together. Your blessings come from him. It's not about the network marketing business that your spouse wants to do, they are just looking for a better way to have a life of prosperity and happiness, so that they can spend more time with you.

Many couples make it about the money, so they end up telling there spouse that this is the only way to make enough money so they can retire and be together more. This is all true, but if that's all you are looking at then it will become a problem because your spouse may not care about having a lot of money and just want to be with you and is content with the way things are. It's nothing wrong with that, on the other hand that means that you might not understand your partner if you didn't know this already. This is where you now take the time to do so.

So you MUST find some common ground that will satisfy you both, such as:

1. Make a schedule with times of when you will work on your home business (especially if you are working on a job too)

By doing this you will not neglect your spouse, this could result in loneliness and you surely don't want that to happen.

2. Make time for recreation with your spouse (such as going out to dinner and then a movie afterwards) YOU must make time to talk and be together, it is way to easy to get distracted and forget about your spouse. If you have kids, you must remember them as well, and even the children need to know about your work at home schedule. They should know it and never disturb you unless it is an emergency of some kind.

This is just a couple of tips, and you have to do this, so that you will have a happy marriage. As for your spouse (and kids), they will have to find something to do while you are working on your home business. When it's time to quit working on your home business, you should do so. Make a schedule of what you want to do each day to move your business forward. Sticking to your work at home schedule will make your life a peaceful, happy one. Also it will keep you focused because you won't have a lot of negative vibes taking place in the home.

Now for my final thoughts on this, I have one more thing to share with you that will surely help you to stay positive and focused while you are building your network marketing business. Check the link and look at the video below

Join me for a 30 day cleanse and learn how to visualize, focus and get rid of the chatter in your mind. Is your life worth 30 days? Of course it is. I recommend you do this, it's just 30 days of commitment for your home business success so that you will have residual income. If you're not totally committed, then don't start your 30 day cleanse. You will not like the outcome and you will quit your mental cleanse, and this is something you and your spouse can do together and I am sure it will be very beneficial for you both. It will allow you to have a successful business and a happy marriage until death do you part. I will GUARANTEE your success when you do.

May God bless all that read this and I wish you peace, happiness and prosperity!

Mentor with a servant's heart

"Learn in the now"





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