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A Spin With Internet Marketing

Mar 1st 2011 at 12:01 AM

My Story

I had decided years ago that my place to globally explore the world, find countless streams of entertainment, and generate a sustainable income was here on the good ol’ WWW.
Entertainment along with exploration of social networks and more world news information than anyone could ask for, have remained as great an experience today as it was when I first fell in love with the net. However income generating online was playing a less favorable role. It was more filled with frustration, disappointments, and inconsistencies throughout a fair share of applications and attempts to succeed.

Like many online seekers of online income opportunities, much time gets spent on exploring a vast amount of possibilities. Like dating, the beginning process alone is enough to discourage anyone. One click on ‘Yes  I’m Interested’ leads to an overwhelming number of calls and emails, with near all of them claiming to be the best over the rest.  So you can just imagine, if you haven’t had the experience yourself, where making too many clicks for ‘yes, can lead to an open flood gate of sales pitches and high hope promises. It is enough to make one’s mind boggled and dizzy.

To make a long story short. I found that although there are many con artist out there,  there are also plenty of legitimate opportunities. So once my eyes stopped spinning to keep up with the swarm in my head the next step was learning how to find people who were interested in the product or the business opportunity I was promoting. Mind you, anyone who showed an interest was most likely either going through the same thing I had or was about to get swarmed with too many sales pitches flying right at them too.

This made figuring out how  to approach people in an non offensive way, a time consuming challenge. In addition, getting organized and structured with a plan of action was even worse, at least for me anyway. I would try  one method after another only to find myself unable to keep a process going , or having to start all over due to a slow system and a few computer crashes. It became a double battle for wit and might, with determination as the fuel to carry things out to the end.

After a number of failures and burst bubbles of visualized success, things slowed down and other aspects of my life became dramatically focused on. This shift in the wrong direction away from online marketing had me on a financial road to no where. I stayed there for years because to get off would seemingly result in being stranded in a place of condescension and doom. It became a living between a rock and a hard place with a threatening hold on hope for a more desirable way to live.

Then something happened that supplied ability to give more time and dedication to the dream. However it came with the price of loosing the nightmare job that was leading down the financial road to nowhere.

So I hopped back in the saddle again with a more experience and a fresher perspective. One of the first things to do was narrow down the focus. In doing so, it was easier to get started on implementing a plan of action.

As things were taking there productive course I stumbled upon a site that helped me plug my opportunity into an excellent internet marketing training system. It was obvious a new shift was aiming a flow in the right direction were things were looking good and feeling great. This marketing system was icing on the cake of opportunity.

The only area I felt was still a little shaky, was staying organized and focused in order to work my plan. Then came the cherry to top it all off. An introduction to a unique online mind mapping software for planning step by step projections of where you want to be and how to get there. The service is so efficient that it can be set to monitor progress levels and plug in website links A real gem for going to a virtual office and getting down to business

Not everyone’s challenges in life are the same. This certainly holds true for finding and working in online marketing. Each person will walk their own path, however there are some consistencies we see time and time again. Desire and determination are the two key factors in this story. With them I took a spin with internet marketing. Coming from a hopeful start into a swarming spinning of ins and outs to finally landing on solid ground.


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