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May 16th 2011 at 6:45 AM

Are you new to Internet Marketing?

And have you just recently signed on to an affiliate business online, that really caught your eye? Or; have you been a member of one for quite some time now, but  have it seems, hit a brick wall?

Here are just some of those "bricks" stopping you -

You've joined many traffic exchanges, and posted  many text, html, banner ads safelists,solo ads, and surfed for credit on various traffic exchange sites.

A few days later, you go there to check if any one has clicked on them, and the amount is zero! No one has clicked on any of your ads! Hours of your time, wasted, resulting in nothing!

You've done all the online "gurus" suggest - posted ads in forums,chat rooms,facebook,twitter,my space,apsense,posted articles at article alley,article base,etc.

And got no views or comments!

You can't seem to generate any traffic to get subscribers and make conversions which help you to make money? Many business owners online, will tell you it's not about making money but helping others reach their successes. In part, yes. But let's get real. Let's be honest. Isn't the real reason we joined these businesses in the first place, because we want to make money ?

Well the sad news is....

" 99% of people never make any money online, 99% of the time!"

(Here is an excerpt from the audio I listened to, and previously posted on Faceplate...)

Because when someone searches in Google, or any search engine,and types in a topic like "Make money online", or "business opportunity", in order to make extra money from working at home,what they see in the "Organic" sites listings (those that are in the top of the search engines),are SPONSORED listings, introducing them to a business opportunity,home business.

(Now) How are you going to advertise that same business that you found (and joined) through the SPONSORED listings (Google Adwords) OR the sites that are in the top of the search engines?

Sure, you could find the business opportunity there,

but there's no way of advertising it as the person is ALREADY there,or you'll be in competition in the Google Adwords section.

Google Adwords - Paying for clicks - NOT sign ups. This can make one run out of money quite fast.

The "Organic" sites are actually selling advertising space,advertising business opportunities. Once you've found one on that site,you're not going to be able to use that same site,to advertise THAT business opportunity, because somebody else has already got it,and they're not going to leave it, because they're making money from it.So, you have to go elsewhere  to advertise, which is why nobody is successful,but the very few! Actually,it's just the webmasters of those sites that are the ones making the real money. Off those buying their advertising".

Why are you in that traffic exchange surfing for hours for credits (peanuts), and getting .0012546 or .05 per ad you view and click? Only elephants or monkeys perform for peanuts!

When you could be in the better ones getting at least 1000 - 1500 credits  clicks per view??

I will bring you the best ever Traffic exchanges to join, to get great credit returns! And they're all 100% free! Look for my next article which will list all I've found and used that give you the best credits and click ratio!

Here's a great tip! Go to -

http://alturl.com/4ort8 , sign up and be amazed!

I did. I wrote and posted 3 text ads (3 is the allowance per day) and then went back there to view and update my profile the very next day. I came back to my posted ads, and found I had 274 views to my ads per ad! No BS!

P.S. Check this one out it's great!





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