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A popular Laser Pointer ranging system

Sep 14th 2015 at 2:56 AM

A popular Laser Pointer ranging system used by self-driving cars can be tampered with through little more than a handheld laser pointer, a researcher has claimed. Self-driving and connected cars are the latest trend in the automotive industry. Ranging from driver assistance projects such as motorway driving automatic control to rear cameras and sensors which tell you when you're about to hit the kerb, the research and development surrounding the concepts is varied.

But that dream faces a new threat: lasers.Using Cat Chasing Laser Pointer , a security researcher has discovered a way to trick self-driving cars into believing in things that aren't there, the Guardian reported.If a self-driving car has poor inputs, it will make poor driving decisions.

- Jonathan Petit, security researche.That doesn't mean shining a laser pointer at a self-driving vehicle will make it shut down. But a Green Star Laser Pointer 10mWsystem built with about $60 worth of off-the-shelf parts could be used to confuse the technology that self-driving cars use to detect obstacles, including bikers, buildings and other cars, according to a paper to be presented this fall at Black Hat Europe by researcher Jonathan Petit of Security Innovation, a cybersecurity firm.

The operation of green line Blue Laser Pointer 10000mw module is always very simple and convenient. When it is being used in all kinds of industrial alignment work, green line targeting is high speed and high accuracy. According to very simple connection with DC input power supply, it beings to generate bright enough green reference line on desired working surface. When it is being used at different working distance, users only need to make free selection of output power ranging from 5mW to 100mW.

This advanced 650nm red laser diode module always gets a wide selection of output power ranging from 5mW to 100mW. As a result, this advanced dot measuring tool is always workable to make dot projection at all kinds of working distance, height or environment etc. In continuous 24 hours dot projection work, this advanced 50mw Green Laser diode module might be used to make sure of its high stability and high reliability.
In various industrial dot alignment work, it is always required to maintain its high stability.


Green Laser pointer 3000mw

As a result, inside the laser tube, it just gets high quality import 650nm red laser diode as its laser dot emitting source. Combined with internal configured electric driving circuit board with moderated quality standard, this advanced red laser diode module is just able to make sure of high superiority of high anti-interference, high stability. As a result, whatever kind of industrial alignment work, it is always efficient enough to make sure of the most stable red dot projection. Even though it is being used in quite harsh working environment, it is still efficient enough to make sure of high stability and long serving lifetime in all working occasions.

Once the desired dot projecting distance is quite far away, users only need to make dot projection with high power 650nm red laser diode module with output power of up 30mW. In order to make this dot alignment laser more workable for various working environments, this advanced red laser module just selects the most compact size design of 12mm and 16mm. In practical dot projection, users can just try to make quite easy and convenient mounting and installation of laser diode module on all desired machine or devices.

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