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A once in a lifetime offer for mobile deals by Timothy L. Drobnick Sr

Mar 26th 2012 at 12:02 PM

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Get your share of the 60 billion dollar internet advertising  industry A once in a lifetime offer for mobile deals by Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.
This is an anti-hype letter >>>

My name is Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. If you are reading this letter, it is because you, or someone you know, knows who I am, and over time, has observed what I have accomplished on the internet. Actions, not words, are what this letter is based on.

This is a very rare time-sensitive opportunity. It is also limited. There is no guarantee as to how long this will be available, and once it is sold out, I will not offer it again in the future.

We have reached a very crucial point in the growth of our internet company, and I am looking for a few people who will help me, and themselves, get my latest online innovation to the next big level.

This letter will be long, and probably quite boring. Also, at the end of this letter, I am going to ask you for a big chunk of money. If you stick with this letter, and decide to take advantage of this opportunity, I think you will be quite pleased.

If you don't have a big chunk of money for this opportunity, and if you are a Sales Agent for, (it is free to become a Sales Agent), I will pay you at least a $250.00 commission if you find someone that will take advantage of this opportunity.

If you don't know who I am, and if you don't have some trust in me, and if you are not aware of what I have already accomplished on the internet since 1995, then this letter will probably be a waste of your time. I don't want to waste anyone's time, so this is just a fair warning.

Don't you hate it when you cannot find the prices on an offer? Me too! So, if all you want are the prices, go ahead and scroll down and take a peek. Easy to find. Spelled out plainly for you to see. HOWEVER, if you have business experience, you understand that the prices do not mean a thing, unless you understand what you are going to get. So, after you check out the prices, come on back, so I can thoroughly explain the never-been-seen-before one-of-a-kind system I have come up with in the hot new world of mobile marketing.

Those who have been watching me, have seen me building word-of-mouth products and creations associated with, since began in 2010. We started with, which is a fun social website which everyone loves, and can also make people a second paycheck. As of the writing of this letter, March 20, 2012, rates at 14,246. According to an article in Business Insider this month, which quotes a survey from March, 2012, there are 644 million websites on the planet, and according to, there are only 14,245 of them with more traffic than There are even some days that spikes up to 6,500 in rankings. 

Anyone who knows how hard it is to get huge amounts of traffic to a website, pays attention to In Iceland, is the 161st most popular website. (They love us there!) In South Africa, 1,755; in Ireland, 1,878; in Panama 2,051; in Australia, 3,468; in the United States, 4,505. That is correct: there are only 4,504 websites that have more USA traffic than, and is only two years old.

Compare us to how much time a user spends on our website: - 15 minutes. - 25 minutes. - 7 minutes. - 9 minutes.

Compare us to how many page views from users on average: - 15 pages. 13 pages. - 5 pages. 9 pages.

We have a very good start with We have a great community of people who are willing to promote our members and businesses. As you can see, they spend more time and view more pages on than other top social media sites.

Of course every website needs to have a purpose. Our main purpose is to help people promote themselves. We sell advertising, but we also offer a lot more. We are helping people do that in many ways. The way we focus on doing this is with a UNIQUE "word of mouth" system.

Before I tell you about my newest product I am launching right now, and how you can cash in on it, I am going to share with you about the products and services we have created with our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system. They include: Surf Site Advertising, Banner Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Classified Advertising, and Lead Generation.


Over the years I have tested "surf" sites, where normally a person views two or three websites, and then someone else views their website once. I have never received any positive results with surfing websites myself. It does not make sense to me. How can I expect to get good quality people interested in my website, when they have so much time to just sit there and surf for such a small payment?

But what I saw, is that there are a lot of people who enjoy surfing, and I thought that I might be able to make surfing a valuable advertising medium. The trick, I thought, is not to be advertising to the surfers. So I came up with Word of Mouth Surfing Promoters. Let the surfers do what they like and go ahead and surf. But also let them do more for the people who are willing to pay for advertisement.

With our UNIQUE "word of mouth" Surfing Promoters, the surfers promote the websites they view. We use a contest and cash to give them incentives to promote the links to the websites around the internet. The advertiser gets 30 different people to promote their website for only $1. This can result in dozens or more links and posts around the internet back to their website.

If we need more people to promote the websites, all we have to do is add more cash prizes in our contest. It works beautifully for everyone involved!


Believe it or not, I saw that the demand for banner advertising is still there and growing. I could have sworn it was going to go away. So I created banner software that can be hosted on, and on other websites as well. I spent a lot of time tweaking my algorithm so that I would give out quality views. I knew that if the advertisers did not get results they would not be repeat buyers.

I also wanted our banner advertising to spread through our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system.

The algorithm for banners took a lot of time and thinking. I would watch what the traffic was doing, and adjust accordingly. My goal was for someone to spend $1 and get 1,000 different people that looked at the advertisement. I had to make sure I kept the scammers away that try to cheat advertising systems, especially when people are getting paid to host ads on their websites.

Finally I got the banner advertising the way I wanted, and the traffic keeps coming in. As of today, we are on over 300 other websites. Every website is looked at by a human to make sure the banner is being hosted near the top, and that it has some content that will keep a viewer for a while on the site. Our advertisers seem to love it because they say so by re-ordering over and over. 

The banner advertising network is expanding every day. Everyday someone else finds out about our banner advertising, through word of mouth, and we gain more people to host our banners, and more advertisers. It will only continue to grow and grow.


The next product really started with the beginning of In April, 2010 we already knew that smartphones were going to be big, and so since the beginning of, I created our chat rooms to be friendly on smart phones. If you look back at the history of smartphones, you can see that for us to predict its popularity in April, 2010, shows that we are forward thinking, and try to be ahead of the curve. Anyone who pays attention can see things like this. And we do pay attention.

And so I developed our next "word of mouth" product, If you have not been keeping track of what has been happening with smartphones, and mobile marketing, I created some of my own video reviews of news articles explaining all about it:

With, a person or business can send out deals to ALL mobile devices, including smartphones. In addition, our community then promotes the deal FOR the deal-maker on, with our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system. Again, we use a contest with cash prizes to give people incentives to promote these deals, and IT REALLY WORKS! If we need more people, all we have to do is add more cash prizes. has been a gigantic programming job for me, and just like ALL the other products for I engineered and wrote all the code for the software. It is 100% in-house. And, it is unlike anything else. The potential for this type of mobile marketing is huge. If you are not sure, look at some of the video reviews I did (see links above). 

Our advertisers like, and the feedback is great. We have repeat customers. The concept is solid. We are now ready for major expansion, on a mass scale, and that is what is going to happen with my current plan, which I am implementing now. (More on this later).


The next "word of mouth" product I created was I released this one on 1/7/2012. As of the date of this letter, that was less than three months ago, yet the traffic has already taken off! To date there have already been over 1.2 million visits!

The Average Premium Classified has:
Shared by 26 people 
209 clicks from shared links
69 clicks from website links
136 clicks from Twitter.

All of this because of our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system that promotes the classifieds. Amazingly anyone can buy seven Premium Classifieds for $1.00! The site is wildly popular and continues to grow.


NEXT I wanted to take our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system, and use it to help people find leads. Real leads. There are so many leads systems that just provide expensive junk, and I did not want to do that. I started my first lead system in 1986, and have been watching the lead business like a hawk ever since. With that in mind, I invented Now this is very new as of this writing, but it seems to be taking off. I have yet to monetize it, but I know exactly how to do it. I am just waiting for enough people to start using it. However, I anticipate that it will be a success also, because of our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system. 

With, a person agrees to let five people contact them with an offer. Each of these people give out a "Contact Confirmation Code" or CCC. The people who receive this CCC, enter it in their control panel on, and as soon as they have five entered, we then will start providing them with REAL TIME fresh prospects. They are given 15 prospects for entering these five CCCs. However, we give them another three for every new CCC they enter.

The prospects are not always provided instantly after the CCC is entered, however, they ARE provided INSTANTLY when the prospect CONFIRMS. Within seconds, the user will know that someone has said they are ready to be contacted. No such thing as OLD leads at

When I add the monetization, I will let people start buying prospects for about $1 each. That price may vary. But also, I will start offering cash prizes and a contest just for entering a CCC. Why?

The reason is that this will turn the tables. Prospects will be contacting the promoters, asking for their presentations, so they can get the CCC from them. In addition, since we offer commissions for referring people, we will start to get even more traffic., at this time, is running completely unmonetized. We are going to use a very similar monetization that we have used for Surf Promoters, Banner Advertising, wom Mobile Deals, and wom Classifieds. We know from all of those, that traffic will increase considerably when added to


I have added other advertising systems to, to create even more revenue for all of the people involved in our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system. Some of them are being used, and some are in testing, and some of them have not been rolled out yet. They include:

1. MEMORY MATCH GAME: With this game you pick 2 squares. If the squares match they are cleared and you can see a piece of the background. As each square is cleared gradually, banner advertisements are uncovered. The advertisements will enjoy a long time exposure, and will be associated with fun and excitement. Its always good to have your product or service associated with good feelings.

Everytime a player wins a game, they are given a "virtual scratch off" ticket for a chance to win cash. In addition they are entered into a contest for cash prizes.

We already have a very successful Bingo game on and I am sure the memory match game will be even more successful. 

2. WOMSTRIP GAME: This is a game of my own invention. It is not completed yet. However, soon people will be able to search thru the "properties" on the wom Vegas Strip looking for prizes. As they visit each "property" there are advertisements they view. Sometimes after they view the advertisement there is a "prize", another "virtual scratch off" ticket for a chance to win cash.

People can buy properties and then start to build on them using points they earn from Everyone can earn points, and it is free to do so. They then use the points to purchase property, and then start buying inventory from our builder's supply to build. 

We will add our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system to this game so that the advertisers are not only viewed by the players, but they will also be promoted with links added to their website and around the internet by our players.

3. PLATINUM TEXT ADS: We already have these text ads all around However, in the future, we are going to add our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system to the Platinum Text Ad advertising. We are also going to expand these text ads onto other websites, as we are with our banner advertising. 

Text ad advertising has made millions of dollars for many internet companies. As the traffic to continues to grow, these text ads continually become worth more. 

These text ads are great for marketers who are promoting businesses other than, but they are also designed to provide excellent commissions for marketers who sell Platinum Text Ad advertising.


Actually, it is the main subject of this letter. Earlier in this letter, when I was explaining, I said that there will be more to come. And this is the more: The coupons component is completed for 

We all see the hype about "coupons" or "offers" and "deals" on the news and everywhere you look now. is the one that has gotten the most attention, along with Living Social, and some other big internet companies that have been dabbling with them such as Google Maps and Yelp and Facebook. Many are following. Amazon just released their coupons. And there are hundreds of other "me too's" coming along to try to capture their share of the market.

One thing that Groupon did right in the beginning, is they hired sales people to actually go business to business to sell their advertising. They started with just one major city, and once they had that one growing successfully, they added the next. Business to business sales works. 

Business to business is how we built a world wide home town portal network in over 1,000 cities in the early 2000's. This was before social media was a house-hold word, and we were providing a service to small businesses; the ability to advertise on a website which was set up as a portal for their town, and we had lots of internet users making our website their home page on their browser, where they saw the ads for local businesses. At the time, it was quite innovative. 

Then social media changed the way that the world used the internet. Social media also made business owners take a new look at how to advertise. They wanted to use social media, or "word of mouth". But during this time, we learned what it took to sell our advertising for the portals, and that is business to business selling with real sales people. We found one "Portal Director", a name I coined, for each town. Their job was to visit the local businesses, or recruit independent contractors as sales people, to visit the local businesses. Our Portal Directors sold well over $20 million worth of advertising for the home town portals, and kept the high majority of that income for themselves.

But social media took hold, and grew, and eventually took over. That is why we started our own social website, It was created from day one to be a promoter for local businesses.

Our old version of the business to business sales for portals, has now become the business to business sale for coupons. Deals. Offers. Deals of the day. All of that. That is what the businesses want now.

But we are not going to do what everyone else is doing. Not exactly. Of course, we see what is working and we are not stupid, and we are always going to evaluate that. However, we are going to add our UNIQUE "word of mouth" system, that is working so well, to our coupons.

Keep in my mind, that when we are talking about coupons, we are talking about digital coupons that are made for mobile devices, such as smart phones, and do not need to be printed. However, we DO give the option of printing if the customer prefers it.

I have been engineering and writing code for the coupons steady and hard since before last Thanksgiving. Is that a long time? I think so. It only took me 4 days to build, 4 days to build Heck, I built the popular Bingo game on in less than a day! So to be working on something for months that is only one component of, is a long time for me. Of course, I realize that how long I work on something does not mean it will be successful. But the fact that I believe so STRONGLY in our unique concept for coupons is WHY I have worked so long on them. Otherwise I would be insane to do so. After all, no one pays me hourly. I only get paid if we get results.

But this is huge. Billion dollar huge. And everything we have built to date supports our Coupon concept. Let me explain it to you.

I want to quote Roger McNamee, managing director at Elevation Partners, a Venture Cap Legend. He was interviewed by Emily Chang on Bloomberg March 14, 2012. Mr McNamee said:

"In order to get any new thing to happen you have to nail mobile and you have to nail social."

"The things I am looking at from a design point of view, if they come to me with a laptop and show me the design, the meeting is over right then. I only want to see designs that are optimized for this, (smart phones)."

"If you are not thinking small screen and a wireless connection I think you are not aiming at the market I am interested in. "

What Roger McNamee is saying, is that you must be aiming at the mobile marketing, to smart phones, iPads, slates, etc, if you want to be part of the future. You can look at a list of my videos I have above and see that I have been preaching this for quite some time now. In this interview, Roger McNamee's statements confirm the premise of what I am going to be explaining to you in this presentation. If Roger McNamee believes we must be embracing mobile, I think you can agree that we should pay attention.


Before I get into the Special Kickstart Wholesaler Offer, which I will cover later, lets look at the incentive for sales people to get out there biz to biz and sell these coupons. You may want to do some sales yourself, but if you have gotten this far at looking at this opportunity, you are probably looking for much more. Here is an example of a sales person calling on a business: 

A salesperson walks into a store, (We have special techniques for this that we developed with our portal history). They offer the business owner a coupon for $99, (suggested retail price). "Why," the store owner asks, "should I pay $99 when I can get a Groupon coupon for free?" The salesperson explains:

A. "Groupon probably is not available for you right now. They only take limited amounts of businesses. If you want to be the deal of the day, you could be waiting a long time. With our coupons we are ready to take you and promote your coupon right now."

B. "Groupon insists you discount 50% or more. Maybe you can't afford to do that. With our coupons you choose how much of a discount you wish to offer."

C. "Groupon takes the money. Then they hold the money for a long time, 2 weeks maybe, or more. With our coupons the customers pay you DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY."

D. "Then finally they send you HALF of the money they collected. Half of 50%. That means you receive about 1/4th of the sale price, weeks later. That kills you on cash flow. It may even kill you on no profit or loss of profit. With our coupons you keep 100% of what you collect. This means GREAT cash flow, GREAT profits."

E. "What if the deal is not going as well as you want? What if you need to make changes to your coupon? With Groupon you cannot do that. With our coupons you can make unlimited real time changes as often as you like. You can even pause and republish as often as you like for up to 45 days."

F. "Groupon will not give you flexibility on publication dates of your coupon. When you buy the coupon today, you have as much time as you need to publish it. Your 45 day time period does not start until you publish. That means you can take as much time as you want to prepare your special offer, and then START it whenever YOU CHOOOSE." 

G. "Groupon does have nice looking advertisements. But with Groupon you have to wait for their staff to design and create your coupon. Our coupons have a very easy template that looks very nice. You just type in your offer, and you can see exactly what your coupon looks like as you enter your information. You can even upload a picture and it will automatically be perfectly sized to fit your coupon. If you don't like how your coupon looks you can edit it in real time."

H. "Our entire focus is the mobile market. Of course anyone can see our coupons on any desktop computer or lap top, but they really excel on smart phones, and that is where the market is headed".

Then the sales person continues to tell the business owner:

"We have a community that will promote your coupon with "word of mouth". They will tell friends, they will tweet about it, they will place links to it, and more. They love to promote your coupons because we have a lot of fun contests and games they like to win.

"We will report to you exactly how many people have looked at your coupon, how many clicks have come from Twitter to your coupon, how many visits from, how may clicks from shared emails. You can look on your coupon and see how many people have liked your coupon on Facebook. We will email you reports of who has taken your coupons. 

"We will provide a coupon that can either be printed, or they can simply write down the number of the coupon, or they can show it to you on their smart phone. We make it easy for your customer to bring the coupon to you.

"We will promote your website with a link on your coupon. Everyone that views your coupon can click to see your website. You may notice a lot of new traffic to your website from your coupon. 

"You can upload a picture to your coupon. It will be resized automatically to fit the coupon. People like to see pictures and it will help them decide to come to your store.

"We will let you place up to 100 PREMIUM classified advertisements on to advertise your business and your coupon. Amazingly, the average PREMIUM classified on has over 3,786 Views, is shared by 26 people, has 209 clicks from shared links and 136 clicks from Twitter.

"We will also give you the control panel for wom Mobile Deals that will let you send out deals to your customer's mobile devices. You can use this even after you coupon has finished to stimulate business anytime you want.

"For EVERY person who takes a coupon, if they are a first time visitor to wom Mobile Deals, we will give you $2 worth of credits,if they are using a gmail address, or 25 cents if other, on wom Mobile deals to send out deals to mobile devices of your customers.

"EVERY person that takes a coupon is AUTOMATICALLY added to your personal wom mobile deals list. You will be able to easily follow up with each of these people even AFTER the coupon has expired. This will help to create loyalty and repeat business from your customers.

"In order to make it easier to track coupons, we give every coupon a control number so that you can make sure you know exactly how many coupons you must redeem. There is a unique number on every coupon, and once it is redeemed you never have to accept it again. (Unless you want to).

"All of this is only $99."

And the salesperson gets the sale.

As you know, sales people are independent creatures; at least the good ones are. Sales people like to have the independence to decide their own income, and they do not want to worry about getting paid. With coupon sales, they can do that. Each time the salesperson sells a coupon, they collect the money directly from the business owner at the time of sale. The salesperson can decide to take check, cash, credit card, paypal, or another third party online payment service. Heck, they can trade for a set of tires if they want to.

Anyone can get credit card processing free. Square will send you a card swiper you can use on your smart phone for free. There is no monthly cost or set up fees. Square will charge a very low percentage of the sales and they will accept everyone. Just go to

Another option for the same service is at Intuit. They have the same service as square called GoPayment. In addition they allow you to take payments over the telephone. Again, they will send you a card swiper you can use on your smart phone for free. There is no monthly cost or set up fees. Go to

Suggested retail price of a coupon is $99.00 to the business. The coupon credits can only be purchased from sales agents (it is free to be a sales agent) or Topaz customers. If the sales agent wants to sell them for less than suggested retail, they can do that, or even sell them for more. The sales agent has a wholesale cost of $29.00, providing they buy 10 at a time for $290, or 100 at a time for $2200. (Later in this letter, I will show you how you can take advantage of much lower rates as a VIP Kickstart Wholesaler.) 

Now, if a sales agent decides they want to make a little more profit selling coupons to businesses, they can become a Topaz Sales Agent, which costs $75.00 per month. In addition to many other benefits, the Topaz sales Agent gets two coupon credits per month for free. After that, the Topaz Sales Agent pays only $15 for each coupon credit, up to 10 per month. If they buy more than that in a month, they pay the same amount as other sales agents, as outlined in the above paragraph.

There are other options for those who want to be salespersons:

Topaz Plus Sales Agents get 4 free coupon credits, and they can buy up to 20 per month at $15 each. If they buy more than that in a month, they pay the same amount as other sales agents, as outlined above.

Topaz Super Plus Sales Agents get 6 free $29 setups per month, then can buy 35 for $15 each. If they buy more than that in a month, they pay the same amount as other sales agents, as outlined above.

NOTE >>> The coupon credits never expire (until they are used), and may be sold to other sales agents, or sold to businesses or individuals. 

These innovative and unique coupons are designed for use by businesses and entrepreneurs and marketing people, especially for mobile marketing and sending mobile messages to all types of mobile devices via 

This is a cutting edge and up-to-date marketing concept developed by myself, Timothy L. Drobnick, and my marketing team. I did all the programming and web design myself. This is NOT a carbon copy of another business or website.


And before I get to that Special Kickstart Wholesale Offer, lets also look at the incentives for a sales manager to hire salespeople to do this business.

If a sales manager hires 100 salespeople to hit the streets, to do the actual selling, that sales manager could make quite a bit of money, in more than one way. I am going to show you the first way right now, but in a bit I am going to show you an even more lucrative way.

First option for sales manager: A sales manager recruits sales people to become Topaz Super Plus for $175.00 per month so they can make a profit of $3,745.00 per month for selling 41 coupons at $99.00 each. If a sales manager recruited 100 salespeople, that sales manager would get $100 when they start as Topaz Super Plus the first month, and then $40.00 per month. For 100 salespeople who are paying monthly for their Topaz Super Plus Promo Kit, that comes up to $10,000 from the total of the first month commissions for the sales manager, and then $4,000.00 per month assuming that all 100 salespeople continue to pay monthly for their Topaz Super Plus Promo Kit. In addition, a sales manager will make more on residuals and overrides when businesses start buying more advertising.

Second option for sales manager: Instead of having sales people pay to become salespeople, a sales manager can let them hit the streets and make sales, and pay the regular wholesale cost of $29.00 per sale, instead of them having to pay the $175.00 per month to be a Topaz Super Plus Sales Agent.

Wouldn't it be nice to put most, say $25.00 of that wholesale cost in your pocket? Then instead of 100 salespeople who are making 41 sales each per month making a profit for you of $4,000.00 per month, you would instead be earning $102,500.00 per month! In addition, any other commissions from advertising purchases the business owners decide to make would go all into your pocket instead of sharing that with your salespeople.


Of course, the Wholesale Offer cannot be offered to just anyone. But it can be offered to people who have the ability to make things happen; people who can help us have a good presence in a city, with a team of sales-people. 

We are looking for a few individuals or businesses who can either do the work and get us established with mobile marketing in an area, or are in a financial situation to pay experts to get that done for them (more on that later). 

This could also be for people who want to take advantage of this one-time huge discount on coupon credits, and sell them to people who want to make sales to businesses, or sell them to other sales agents at, or maybe sell them to business owners, or keep them for awhile to sell them later when the demand increases.

What we need are some people who can help us open some cities with the coupon sales. As I said earlier, Groupon did one thing the right way. They hired salespeople to go business to business to sell their services. They started with just one town and after they had that one growing successfully they added the next. Business to business works. 

The way we have in mind is to open a few cities/towns and work with those first, get some success coming in. It will also build up our wom Mobile Deals lists for that town faster. The more coupons that are sold in that town, the more people that will be joining our Deals list for that town. It would be much better to build up a list of 50,000 people that have taken coupons in one city instead of spread across the world. Why? Because local businesses will find the service much more valuable if they can send out wom Mobile Deals to ALL mobile devices in THEIR town. And this is our primary goal, to build up these lists. This will also be our primary income. 

With, the coupons are the kindle to the fire. We make such a deal for both the sales people and the business owners, that they cannot resist. This gets lots of salespeople going biz to biz, and gets business owners involved with our coupons. This in turn builds up our Deals lists. Businesses then pay us to send out to the Deals lists in their area.

Even more fuel for the fire, is when we offer incentives to the local business owners to get people to subscribe to our Deals list, and in exchange we give them $2.00 in credits for gmail subscribers, or 25 cents for others, to use to send out deals. This gives them a lot of incentive to contact people they know and ask them to join the deals list so they can send out more deals to local members.

It is the focus and concentration of the effort of a sales team in a specific geographical area that makes this work. But to do this we need a sales team in each area to get this started.

To begin with, we are only starting with these six types of businesses: restaurants, salons, chiropractors, dentists, business opportunities, and travel. As soon as we get a good supply coupons of into the hands of those businesses we will expand the list of business types. When the business owner selects what geographical area they want to promote their coupon in, the only categories that allow them to pick "everywhere" are the "travel" and "business opportunities" categories. For the other categories, the business owner must select which location in which they want a coupon offer to be promoted.

NOTE >>> The coupon credits never expire (until they are used), and may be sold to other sales agents, or sold to businesses or individuals. 

These innovative and unique coupons are designed for use by businesses and entrepreneurs and marketing people, especially for mobile marketing and sending mobile messages to all types of mobile devices via 

This is a cutting edge and up-to-date marketing concept developed by myself, Timothy L. Drobnick, and my marketing team. I did all the programming and web design myself. This is NOT a carbon copy of another business or website.


If you have enough belief in what we are doing with coupons designed for mobile marketing, to take advantage of this special wholesaler offer, and if you have what it takes to be a pioneer and visionary in making a leader in mobile marketing, you could be laying the foundation for yourself, to be a giant in mobile marketing for a long time to come.

Those that want to get started right away, will let us know which city they want to start distributing their coupons in, and we will then add that city, as one of our authorized cities for businesses to promote in on

By the way, you may want to log into or and see how easy it is to make a coupon. We will continually strive to make improvements on the coupons, but I believe you will like what you can see already.

I am only going to release a maximum of 400,000 coupons at this special KICK START price. But we guarantee we will not sell more than 400,000 coupons at this KICK START price. Our goal is not to flood the market. Our goal is to get the market started.

The result we are looking for, with this Special Kickstart Wholsaler Program, is to have many sales people calling on businesses, in several cities and towns, and helping those businesses learn how to use our coupons and mobile marketing to increase their profits. As the active cities we start with, see increased mobile messaging activity and coupon sales, we will be opening many more cities. One lesson we learned in the city portal business, is that it is important to get several cities operating effectively first, before opening new towns and cities.

The coupons are NOT the main profit stream for The coupons are designed to facilitate our unique mobile messaging programming, which lets users send messages out to all ALL types of mobile devices. In order for that to happen, we need mass quantities of businesses with offers and deals, and we need mass quantities of traffic from people looking for those offers and deals. The coupon side of is just a vehicle to get us there.


This a special discount sales offer we are making personally to you, while supplies last.

This is not a franchise. This is much better than a franchise. By taking advantage of any of the five packages of coupon credits available in the Special Kickstart Wholesale Offer, you will be taking advantage of the one time chance (while supplies last) to get incredibly low wholesale pricing on coupon credits. And that will also qualify you to get good discounts on coupon credits, after this offer has sold out.

The coupon credits never expire (until they are used), and you may sell them to other sales agents, or sell them to businesses or individuals. 

This is a cutting edge and up-to-date marketing concept I developed by myself, along with my marketing team. I did all the programming and web design myself. This is NOT a carbon copy of another business or website. My innovative and unique coupons are designed for use by businesses and entrepreneurs and marketing people, especially for mobile marketing and sending mobile messages to all types of mobile devices via

Furthermore, if you take advantage of any of the VIP packages (starting at $20K) in the Special Kickstart Wholesale Offer, I will give you lifetime buying priviledges at the reduced VIP Kickstart Wholesaler prices. 

And, if you are interested, as a VIP Wholesaler, (packages #4 through #7), you may also qualify (if accepted) to have the founder and co-creator of WOM Vegas and WOM Mobile deals spend two days in person with you, showing you how to have an office set up for your sales team, and how to recruit a sales manager and a sales team for a fee of $7,500 per day. You are NOT required to take advantage of this offer. You may already know how to manage a sales team. 

To have the founder and co-creator of WOM Vegas and WOM Mobile deals spend two days in person with you is a very limited time offer. Once we have successful cities we will have other people that can provide this service.


As we grow, I anticipate that there will be a lot of businesses that will want to purchase coupons, but can't find a local salesperson to sell them a coupon in their area. However, and will not be selling coupon credits, or coupons, to any business or entity or individual who is not both a member of AND a Sales Agent. The intent and purpose of the coupon business, is to stimulate the mobile messaging part of 

It is our belief that we will be able to provide much better overall service to businesses, by having real live sales people calling on businesses, and helping them get started using our magnificent mobile marketing system. I may be prejudiced in that regard, because in my younger days I did a lot of calling on businesses.

When we get contacted by businesses that want to buy coupons, but their town is not open yet for our coupon business, we will get their contact information, and keep track of them, so that when a new sales team gets started there, we will already have hot leads to provide for the sales people.


Earlier I asked you, "What if there were a way for you to NOT have to do any of the selling yourself to businesses, or do the day-to-day tasks of running a sales team of salespersons, would you want to know about it?"

If you do not want to do all the work of running your sales team, what you need is a good sales manager to recruit sales people and keep track of the day-to-day operations of your sales office. Another reason why we are allowing you to get in on this Special Kickstart Wholesaler Offer, at these extemely low rates, is that we know that it takes money to get the ball rolling with any sales effort like this, and we wanted to make sure that there is enough profit margin in it for you to make it worth your while.

There are plenty of sales managers out of work right now, and there are plenty of sales people who want to be sales managers, so you don't need to do the work yourself, if you do not want to. You buy the coupon credits at extremely discounted rates, contact a local recruiter, and have them get you set up with a sales manager. The sales manager will then find and run the sales crew. Pay everyone on straight commission, and you will know your exact profit from the sales of your coupons.

Pay the salespeople 50% of their personal sales, pay the sales manager 10% of all sales. (Of course these figures are up to you to determine what will make you the most successful.) Will all salespeople and sales managers work on straight commission? Absolutely not. Only the good ones who are confident in their sales experience and abilities.


There may be Sales Agents at who want to buy coupons at wholesale, but need more than they can get with their Topaz packages. Or maybe they don't want to be Topaz at all and just want to sell coupons. If they cannot afford to buy coupon credits at the super low prices that you can, you can offer to provide your coupons at wholesale to ANY Sales Agent in, at whatever price you choose.

You are allowed to sell coupons to anyone no matter who brought them into


Some of the thousands of Sales Agents at, who are reading this letter, may be asking how this will effect them as a Sales Agent, if someone else is selling coupons to businesses that may already be sponsored by them into and

Anyone can sell these coupons to anyone anywhere and keep the money. It does not matter whose downline they are in. There are no exclusive territories or limitations on where the coupons can be sold (as long as it is in countries we can do business in, which is most of them).

You do not need to worry about someone selling a coupon to someone that you sponsored. For example, lets say that you have sponsored a local business, but they have not purchased any coupons. You have made nothing off of them from coupon sales. Along comes someone and sells them a coupon. That store is now going to be using IF they decide to upgrade to Topaz, the SALES AGENT that sponsored the store into, will get the commissions from the upgrade. And when they buy to send out, the SALES AGENT that sponsored the store into will get the commissions for that, also.

So it is like having someone, at no cost or effort on your part, who ends up motivating the people you recruited into, into buying more services from us, that will increase your commissions.

This way the sales people calling on businesses, do not have to worry about who they can sell to, and who they cannot. The businesses are buying coupon credits directly from the sales people calling on them, and not from


In addition to making profits from coupon sales, you might also consider the other income that could be earned, as you help us build Some businesses may decide they want to also become a Topaz Promo Kit customer at IF you also were a Topaz Promo Kit Customer (not required to sell coupons), assuming they signed up for under you (not required for you to sell them coupons), you would then earn $30 to $40 per month from each business, and also earn commissions on individuals or businesses that they bring into Just a way to make a little pocket change, if you are interested.

In addition, if businesses decide they want to advertise to the wom Mobile Deals lists we are creating in their towns, you will earn 20% of what they spend there, IF you also were a Topaz Promo Kit Customer (not required to sell coupons), assuming they signed up for under you (not required for you to sell them coupons). Anything that they decide to purchase in advertising from, could earn commissions for you.


Here is a feature you will benefit from, no matter who you have selling coupons to businesses, whether it is your sales manager, business manager, or even yourself. When you sell a coupon to a business owner, the 45 day time limit for the usage of a coupon does NOT begin until they actually publish the coupon to the public. 

Therefore, when the business owner tells the sales person that they will not be able to use the coupon right now, but they know that they will need it in the future, the sales person will go ahead and let the business owner purchase the coupon credit(s) now. The sales person just explains to the business owner that their coupon credit(s) never expire, until 45 days after they actually publish the coupon(s) to the public. 

They can also create as many coupons as they like, design them (with our easy-to-use template), plan their coupon campaign(s), determine their discounts, marketing timing, etc. Then, when they are ready to publish a coupon they have created, they publish it, and when it goes live the 45 day time limit starts for the use of that coupon. 

This will make it much easier for salespeople to sell two, or three, or even more coupons in a single visit. You may even want to come up with a quantity discount, to encourage business owners to but multiple coupon credits from your sales people. This will increase the salespersons daily profit, and your bank account! 


Suggested retail of our coupons are $99.00 to the business.
Coupon credits may only be purchased from sales agents or Topaz customers.
Coupon credits do not expire (until they are used).
The coupon credits may be sold to other sales agents, businesses, or individuals. 
Stock up!

Sales Agent Pricing (it is free to become a sales agent at 10 for $290 100 for $2400

Topaz Sales Agent (costs $75 per mo.)
........get 2 free per month up to 10 per month at $15 each more for same price as other sales agents

Super Topaz Sales Agent (costs $125 per mo.)
........get 4 free per month up to 20 per month at $15 each more for same price as other sales agents

Super Plus Topaz Sales Agent (costs $175 per mo.)
........get 6 free per month up to 35 per month at $15 each more for same price as other sales agents

Become a Qualified Wholesaler for two years: 1000 at $15 each, or >>>
........Kickstart Pkg #1 for $2500 (while supplies last) or >>>
........Kickstart Pkg #2 for $5000 (while supplies last) or >>>
........Kickstart Pkg #3 for $10,000 (while supplies last)

Qualified Wholesaler Prices 50 or more for 15% of suggested retail

Become a VIP Kickstart Wholesaler for LIFE
........Kickstart Pkg #4 for $20,000 (while supplies last)
........Kickstart Pkg #5 for $50,000 (while supplies last)
........Kickstart Pkg #6 for $100,000 (while supplies last)
........Kickstart Pkg #7 for $200,000 (while supplies last)

For an additional fee, if you are interested, as a VIP wholesaler, (packages #4 through #7), if accepted, you may be able to pay for consulting, as it was explained earlier in this letter. 

VIP Kickstart Wholesaler Price for LIFE 200 for $2400 ($12.00 fixed price only for VIP Kickstart Wholesalers)

And here it is:


Pkg #1 - $2,500.00 package - 500 coupon credits ($5 / coupon)
Pkg #2 - $5,000.00 package - 1,250 coupon credits ($4 / coupon)
Pkg #3 - $10,000.00 package - 3,333 coupon credits ($3 / coupon)
Pkg #4 - $20,000.00 package - 10,000 coupon credits ($2 / coupon)
Pkg #5 - $50,000.00 package - 50,000 coupon credits ($1 / coupon)
Pkg #6 - $100,000.00 package - 100,000 coupon credits ($1 / coupon)
Pkg #7 - $200,000.00 package - 200,000 coupon credits ($1 / coupon)

For an additional fee, if you are interested, as a VIP wholesaler, (packages #4 through #7), if accepted, you may be able to pay for consulting, as it was explained earlier in this letter. 


OUR PRICE GUARANTEE for Kickstart Wholesalers >>> Once the Special Kickstart Wholesaler Offer is sold out, and these ridiculously low prices are gone, wholesalers will never be able to buy coupon credits from us for any lower than $7.00 each, even with any of our best discount packages in the future. If you want to take advantage of what we are doing here, and if you believe that Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. can pull this off, you may want to stock up.

You MUST already be a SALES AGENT for to take part in this Special offer. It is free to be a Sales Agent, just sign up at

Our coupon credits will never expire, until they get used, and then they expire after 45 days. But besides that, they will never expire while you are holding them in your inventory on your control panel.

Again, we will not sell more than 400,000 coupon credits at this Special KICK START price. Our goal is not to flood the market. Our goal is to get the market started. If things start rolling along good enough we may cut off this KICK START price early. 


We will pay you a 10% finders fee for referring someone to, who is a member of right under you, and purchases any of these packages, if you are a Sales Agent at (it is free to be a Sales Agent at

For example, if someone you referred to, buys Pkg #5 of the Special Kickstart Wholesaler Offer, you will earn $5,000.00. Not bad for being in an offer for which you did not have to pay anything.

Also, if you are a Sales Agent AND a Promo Kit customer, anything Opal or above, I will pay you 1% unlimited levels down in your PERMANENT downline, until we pass up 4 other Sales Agents who are also Promo Kit customers. This means you would get $500.00 commission from anyone in your PERMANENT downline that purchases package Pkg #5 of the Special Kickstart Wholesaler Offer.

If you want to order Special Kickstart Wholesaler priced coupons, you can pay with these options:

Mail a check or cashiers check in US Dollars to 
P.E.E.L. Inc.
Attention Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.
146 N. Hamilton Road
Gahanna, Ohio, 43230 

Or write out a check to P.E.E.L. Inc.and fax it to to 1(775)258-4714

Or send an payment to

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