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Oct 11th 2010 at 2:02 PM

Over the years I've discovered that there are more ways to make money on
the internet than you can shake a stick at! MLM or
Multi-Level-Marketing is one of them and there are quite a few different
ones out there. In the past I've been involved with a few, but never
stuck with it, as probably many others have done the same. The reason,
no money! That's right, as much as I wanted to stay active I just
didn't have the resources to keep going. I was also a single parent for
many years and didn't have the time or energy to devote 24 hours a day
to building a down line. I was also a somewhat shy individual and this
didn't help either.

What is IRP? Actually IRP stands for "Incentivized Referral Plan". This new terminology belongs to a new business that just launched called One24. It is very different than traditional MLM plans in that it has a linear
structure which works for every member of the group. Basically
everyone in the business works for each other.

This "Incentivized Referral Plan" or IRP is the brain child of Mark Seyforth, who helped launch Herbal
Life back in the 1980's. We've all heard of Herbal Life right, it's
still around. But this is not all that Mark has accomplished in his
life. His career actually started in 1975, as an innovator, he was a
pioneer in the direct sales
industry. He has been involved with numerous other successful
enterprises and is currently the President of International Sales of
Extreme Research Corp,

Mark Seyforth, Founder and CEO, One24 Bio

The One24 Product

NatraBurst is a SUPER FOOD blend of concentrated vegetables, fruits, proteins and
contains NO sugar. The auto-ship for NatraBurst is only $60.00 per
month (plus shipping) and only 1 unit per month is required.

One24 Program Highlights

  • There is a waiting list
  • No membership fees, no product inventory
  • Awesome Healthy Product, superior ingredients, saves you money
  • Members (PC's or Preferred Customer) receive 50% of of all company revenues
  • Only need to refer one person
  • Linear compensation plan structure
  • 24 green tickets (One24, 24 months)
  • Once a silver always a silver, once a green always a green

So where is this all going? MLM has been around for some 35 years and isn't going away. It works in providing a real means for people to make
a real income on and off line. With One24 there is a serious
opportunity for people who have struggled in the past with MLM. The
company structure is sound, the compensation plan is unique.

I just signed up today for this but I'm one of those skeptics. To be honest and completely fair, the people I talked with were so down to earth and anxious to help me grow my business that I lost all my fears about this program. And I'm suppose to get my first check next month already! I bought my product which looks really good. So in the coming days as I learn more I'm going to post more information. I'm also going to start a group specific for One24 PC's to connect. I hope you will join me.

God Bless and have a great day!


P.S. for those who are interested in this plan but are not in the USA, it is currently only available to USA but this is due to change very soon.

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Nov 9th 2010 at 10:23 AM by cmsolution
Informative article.
Oct 11th 2010 at 6:15 PM by bjfoot
Hi! Cynthia, This sounds very good. I've been down a few paths. Even before the internet became the way of the future. This sounds very unique. I wish you great success!

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